2022 Lighting Guide To Light Up Your Home

Lighting Guide For Home

In 2022, dining and living room lighting guide will become the focal point of the space, not just functionality. Choosing a right lighting is a very personal thing, but make sure it is fit for your space as it can make or break a room concept. You can transform a room through thoughtful placement, clever design, and well-crafted lighting. This can made lighting become a starting point for design instead of being left until last.

When the sun goes down, it’s time to let the charm of your home shine through. By strategically placing lighting around your favorite indoor and outdoor elements, you can create a striking accent that will captivate your guests. Here are some of the lighting guide to light up your home in 2022.

Lighting Guide 1: Understand Focal Point of Each Area at Home

Lighting Guide For Home
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Whenever you entered into a house though the main entrance, first thing that you will usually see is the living room and its focal point basically faces the main “entrance” of the space. You can start with a chandelier or dramatic pendant light overhead at the entryway and complement the area with either a table or floor lamp.

The focal point of an area can affects furniture placement, but seating placement need not conflict with it. Lighting can be used to highlight or draw attention to certain features within an area. As for living room, you can use track or recessed lighting throughout the area and use a larger overhead fixture if the room has main seating area in order to center it. Shaded corner can be illuminated by placing floor lamps and you can consider adding a table lamp if you have a buffet or other large piece of furniture.

For the lighting in the dining room and kitchen, you can use a large, pendant light or chandelier that is centered over the the kitchen island and dining table as the main lighting source and use floor or table lamp to light up the dark corners. You can use some recessed lighting for kitchen as it is suitable lighting for wet area. Adding under-cabinet lighting, task lighting at the sink and stove is also a considerable idea which can benefit the work areas.

Bedroom is place where we sleep so it is important not to made the lighting into  a productive environment. Therefore, ambient light is the most suitable for the area as it provides just enough amount of lighting for activities at the same time ensures comfortable illumination levels of the room. Lighting in bedrooms mainly compose of overhead light source and table lamps on nightstands or dressers.

Recessed lighting are commonly used for bathroom and you can add an overhead source above the tub. Use task lights around a mirror to avoid harsh shadows and distributes the light equally.

You can begin with recessed lighting or a main, overhead source in your office. Ensure the dark corners or seating areas have table or floor lamps and a desk lamp in your main work area.

Lighting Guide 2: Size and Placement

Lighting Guide For Home
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Lighting is important elements to home and there are rules to follow for hanging varieties of lighting in the room. Proper size and placement of these lighting should take serious consideration as it can greatly impart the appeal of the rooms.

When we talk about light fixture sizes, we’re mostly referring to the statement piece that hangs overhead. There’s a simple formula that determines how big one of these lights should be. It’s all about finding the right diameter. If you want your fixture to illuminate an entire room, measure the length and width of the room and add those two numbers together. Convert this total from feet to inches to find the ideal diameter of the light source.

For example, if the room is 12 feet by 12 feet, so the fixture should be 24 inches in diameter. However, if you want the light to be centered in the furniture, you will need to measure the length and width of the specific item rather than the entire room. When it comes to aesthetics, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But make sure it matches the style you have in the rest of the room.

When you are choosing a chandelier for your living room, ensure its size reflects the style of your home and is appropriate for your space. If the chandelier is too small, it will make the lighting look dwarfed, but the piece is too big can, it can overwhelm the room.

Lighting Guide 3: Understand Types of Lighting

Lighting Guide For Home
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Generally, lighting can be categorised into 3 different type which are ambient lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting. It is important to know how these 3 types of lighting different from one another and what is their main functionalities, then you will know the right lighting types in each area of your home. If you use the wrong types of lighting, you may have hardship to move around in some area of your home or find it difficult to perform tasks.

Ambient lighting, also known as “general lighting,” is the primary light source in a space. Ambient lighting provides comfortable, non-dazzling lighting to help you move around the room more comfortably. Examples of ambient lighting are chandeliers, track lighting, recessed ceiling lights, wall sconces, LED downlights, and wall mounted lights.

Task lighting is light that is focused on a specific point to help you in completing a task, as opposed to ambient lighting that illuminates the entire room. Task lighting is extremely helpful when it is used to find small, low-contrast objects. Examples of task lighting include table lamps, pendant lighting, portable desk lamp, under cabinet lighting, directional gimbals recessed fixture, and vanity lights

Accent lighting is usually used for those who want to add additional drama or character to their favorite objects. This type of lighting is able to draw attention to what you want to emphasize such as paintings, sculptures, memorabilia, motivational quotes and more. Examples of accent lighting are candle light, direct track lights, chandelier with dimmers, floodlights, and wall sconces.

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Lighting Guide For Home

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