8 Bright Ideas to Add Colour To Your Kitchen

add colour to your kitchen

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Achieving a bright, fresh kitchen that showcases your personality doesn’t have to be a difficult or expensive task. Add colour to your kitchen with these bright ideas:

Bright Idea To Add Colour To Your Kitchen #1 Revive Your Kitchen Units

add colour to your kitchen
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Deep colours, such as navy blue or forest green, is the new neutral colour of the kitchen, so revive your kitchen cupboard doors and drawers with a coat of paint in a rich, sophisticated hue.

All these dramatic colours contrast well with pale floors and worktops, and adding some brass handles to your kitchen will help to further brighten the space. If you feel bold, try to add colour to your kitchen with a row of units in a bright colour, such as ochre, and the rest of the kitchen with a grey-and-white palette.

Bright Idea #2 Paint A Feature Wall

add colour to your kitchen
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Bright feature walls are not only suitable for living rooms and bedrooms. In addition to adding some fun to your home, they can also increase the depth of the kitchenette and help define its separate areas.

The shape and configuration of the kitchen will determine which wall should be your feature wall:

If you have a galley-styled kitchen, choose the end wall to add depth.

If you have a kitchen diner, section off the dining area by painting the adjacent wall.

if you have an open plan kitchen, make the main wall the feature wall to help separate it from the rest of the room.

Bright Idea #3 Paint Your Furniture

add colour to your kitchen
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Replacing neutral wooden or metal kitchen chairs and bar stools with colourful alternatives is an easy way to add colour to your kitchen without being overpowering.

Many designers have been using plastic coloured chairs in kitchen designs for a while now; however, if you prefer to keep your wooden chairs, why not paint them yourself in bold teal, burnt orange or teal?

To added impact, you can also try mixing and matching the colours of your chair or stool.

Bright Idea #4 Wallpaper

add colour to your kitchen
Image credit: Mydecorative

Some people may think that the only choice to add colour to your kitchen wall decoration is tile or paint, but wallpaper can be a great alternative.

There are many wet-space-safe wallpapers available on the market, or you can match the wallpaper with a short bezel to help avoid any water issues.

Either way, a playful wallpaper can add a dose of colours and some energizing pattern to a kitchen, either as an all-over treatment or as a single accent wall.

Bright Idea #5 Colourful Splashbacks

add colour to your kitchen
Image credit: Decoist

A cost-effective way to add colour to your kitchen whilst updating its look is by adding a statement splashback. If you have a contemporary, clean, and clinical white gloss kitchen, go for a brightly coloured glass or acrylic splashback for a focal point.

Splashbacks come in a vast selection of colours, patterns, and image designs so it’s a really effective way of creating a feature in your kitchen.

For a classic or traditional kitchen, there are many options available, from vintage tiles or even stainless steel for a more industrial effect and add colour to your kitchen.

Bright Idea #6 Accentuate With Accessories

add colour to your kitchen
Image credit: Homeanddecor

There are many ways you can add colour to your kitchen through a number of different accessories. You may opt for bold design choices and choose a coloured appliance to feature in your space.

Soft furnishings offer a quick and easy way to add a splash of colour. Choose patterned fabrics for blinds, curtains, cushions, or seat covers. Fabrics can be layered with other textures such as suede, leather and faux fur for added depth.

Kitchen crockery and cookware can also be colourful. Think coloured or patterned ceramic plates or vintage coloured glasses to add a touch of style.

Accessories can be inexpensive and there are great remakes of pricey ‘interior must-haves’ available. From fake flowers to candles and ornamental figurines, once you have your colour palette, it’s really easy to add colour to your kitchen.

Bright Idea #7 Accent Doors

add colour to your kitchen
Image credit: Architectural Digest

Two-tone cabinets continue to be a big kitchen trend — and a great way to add colour to your kitchen without fully committing. Using a colourful door option for just a few cabinets, such as a stretch of uppers, brings a punch of interest without overwhelming the whole room.

If you have existing doors in good condition, you can have just a few of them repainted in any hue you like, from a classic navy to a risky orange, and have them painted again in five or ten years if tastes change. It’s a good way to add colour to your kitchen. 

Bright Idea #8 Lighting

Lighting offers a variety of ways to add colour to your kitchen. The use of light in any room can transform the mood and setting. Well-lit spaces are accentuated and give the illusion of wider rooms and larger spaces.

add colour to your kitchen
Image credit: Neighbourhoodwatch

Recessed Lighting: Spotlights are commonly used in kitchen areas as the number of lights you install will help determine the amount of light. Use a dimmer light switch to create an atmosphere, changing the shade of colours in your kitchen.

add colour to your kitchen
Image credit: The Spruce

Pendants: Great for illuminating islands and dining areas. Expose the electrical cables hanging from your ceiling for an industrial effect. You can use coloured hanging chains, lampshades, and bulbs.

add colour to your kitchen
Image credit: Decoist

LED Strip Lighting: This sleek and sublime lighting solution can be fitted almost anywhere. Consider using LED strips under kitchen cabinets at eye level and floor level. Strip lighting is available in a variety of colours as well as multi-coloured options so you can choose a colour to suit your mood.

add colour to your kitchen
Image credit: Elledecor

Chandeliers: Use an elegant chandelier as an accentuated glamorous focal feature. Commonly available in metal textures, one with crystals will reflect light around the room, adding a touch of sparkle. For something more natural, go for a wooden texture to bring outdoor tones indoors.

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