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Berjaya Buildcon's History

Berjaya Buildcon Pte Ltd is a construction company. It was established in 2009 and founded by Mr Peter Lai, well having over 12 years of experience in building residential and commercial projects around Singapore.

In less than a decade, through its continuous efforts, the firm has successfully expanded and is well established within the construction industry. Berjaya Buildcon’s impressive portfolio and proven track record of quality construction have garnered many of their clients through word of mouth.

Over the years, the Berjaya Buildcon team has earned the trust of their residential clients and commercial business partners, which includes Industry Professionals, Consultants, and their core Subcontractors. Their full-time in-house contractors are trained on safety measures weekly by their safety officer and are certified as CoreTrade Personnel by the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) in Singapore.

Berjaya Buildcon constantly seeks the best materials while keeping its design flexible and adaptable. It strives to align with the architect’s vision and innovate new methods to reach its clients’ goals.

Therefore, from demolition to rebuild, Berjaya Buildcon is highly recommended for timely, efficient, and high-quality service.

Berjaya Buildcon's Management

Mr Peter Lai started Berjaya Buildcon Pte Ltd in 2009 and has successfully established his company in the construction industry in just less than a decade.

With the support of an extensive network of architects and engineers, Berjaya Buildcon has achieved excellent results from countless tendered projects.

As a construction manager for the past decade, Mr Lai has gathered immense experience and skill by handling projects through every step of their completion. As a boss, he gets involved in all construction projects, and his dedication to each and every one of them often comes as a surprise to many clients.

“Always treat every project like it’s your own and they will blossom through the hard work and effort given,” Mr Lai says on his life’s philosophy.

By collaborating with his dedicated team, each tendered project is handled cautiously with consideration, sincerity, and willingness to meet every clients’ requirements.

Currently, Mr Lai intends to expand his business to private properties, and with a proven track record, it is no wonder that 80% of Berjaya Buildcon’s projects come as highly recommended referrals from past and regular clients.

Berjaya Buildcon's Vision and Mission

The construction firm’s vision and mission are to deliver high-quality and timely results to all of its clients, continuously seeking innovative means of construction flexible enough to achieve complex architectural designs.

Berjaya Buildcon's Project works

Most of Berjaya Buildcon’s project works are residential properties, particularly landed properties, as well as commercial sectors. 80% of the construction projects below were recommended through referrals and regular clients:

  • Eng Kong Terrace
  • Battery Road
  • Namly Avenue
  • Namly Hill
  • Berjaya Buildcon Office
  • 515 Sixth Avenue
  • 49 Moonbeam Terrace
  • Senang Crescent
  • Jalan Pergam
  • Parkstone Road
  • Bin Tong Park
  • Frankel Street
  • Honeywell Mall
  • Taman Mas Merah
  • Chia Ping Road
One of Berjaya Buildcon’s biggest projects is Jem Shopping Mall.
Berjaya Buildcon
Berjaya Buildcon
Berjaya Buildcon
Image Credit: Berjaya Buildcon Pte Ltd

Jem is Singapore’s third-largest suburban mall, housing 241 shop units with over 818,000 square feet of retail space across six levels.

As a construction company, they has confidently gained immense experience in the industry by handling projects from builts to completing well-developed furnished sets.

By collaborating with their dedicated team of architects and builders, each tendered project is handled cautiously to meet every client’s requirements.

Contact Berjaya Buildcon Pte Ltd

You can visit Berjaya Buildcon website here, or call them at 65 6241 9809.

You can also head down to their production site and showroom at 8 Kaki Bukit Ave 4, #05-32, Singapore 415875 for a consultation.

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