Building Covered In Plants For Toronto Waterfronts

Covered In Plants

According to Dezeen, architecture studio Adjaye Associates has designed a building covered in plants called Timber House. It is part of a development of Toronto’s waterfront. This development will be including the buildings by Alison Brooks Architects and Henning Larsen. 

It is reported that it will be one of the largest residential mass-timber structure in Canada when it is completed.

It will be a affordable housing units and homes for senior citizen. The building’s facade will be crisscrossed by narrow beams and patios for greenery.

Rooftops Covered In Plants

Covered In Plants
Image Credit: Dezeen

Timber house will have rooftop gardens and greenhouses. The proposal will be including more than 800 units of affordable housing. 

A community forest by SLA Landscape Architects will be occupying the space between Timber house and the towers. It will be a network of car-free green space for residents and visitors.


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