Paint Your Landed Facade With 5 Cool Colours


The facade represents the image of your landed property. It sets the tone for the rest of the house even before you step inside it.

The overall look and feel would be determined by the colour scheme you choose for the inside and outside of your home. Therefore it is important to choose the right paint colours based on your taste as paint could last for years.

5 Cool Colours To Paint Your Landed Facade

1. Different Materials With Interesting Colours

5 Cool Colours To Paint Your Landed Facade

Image Credit: Canva

The first of the 5 Cool Colours To Paint Your Landed Facade with is…not exactly a colour, but rather, a choice of materials. For an aesthetically outstanding exterior, you can go for a combination of different materials with interesting colours.

You can also include different materials like exposed concrete, stone, brick, and wood in designing your landed property’s facade.

Another popular option to go for is full-length glass walls. Some landed properties have sported ‘wall-less’ exteriors by opting for tinted glass rather than concrete or brick. The glass is then combined with concrete pillars for a sophisticated, sturdy exterior.

The exterior of your house can be easily varied when you combine these materials.

2. The Warmth of Beige

5 Cool Colours To Paint Your Landed Facade

Image Credit : Canva

Beige is commonly used in interior design to create a calming mood for your home. You can add beige to any space where you would like to introduce stable and nourishing energy. This colour is also suitable for the facade of your building for warm, relaxing vibes.

One thing to take note of is to avoid adding too much dark brown as it will make your home seem dark and unwelcoming.

3. Dark Colours For Your Facade

5 Cool Colours To Paint Your Landed Facade

Image Credit : Canva

Black is everywhere in our lives. But it is not a colour that is frequently used for house facades as it absorbs all light and is believed to be a low-energy colour.

However, contrasting black against white or warm lighting textures can lead to a surprising outcome, as it may create a trendy appearance. Using full-length glass walls rather than concrete walls can let in sunlight and temperature regulation without cutting back on black.

4. Facade With Red Accents

5 Cool Colours To Paint Your Landed Facade

Image Credit : Canva

Red is one of the most popular colours to use because of its warmth and passion. It is a very strong and dominant colour, so you should avoid using too much of it lest your house looks glaring and stands out too much.

Try using colours such as navy, black, white, and grey to tone down the bright red. You may also choose to only paint your door red instead of painting the whole building red.

5. The Power of Dark Grey

5 Cool Colours To Paint Your Landed Facade

Image Credit : Canva

The last of the 5 Cool Colours To Paint Your Landed Facade with is dark grey.

Grey doesn’t necessarily have to be gloomy or dull. It seems dark grey is a popular choice for owners of contemporary-styled houses.

Paint the rest of the exterior with bright colours like white, cream, pink, and yellow to create a cheerful look. The combination of bright colours and dark grey will make your house look even trendier.

Confused in choosing which colours to paint your landed facade with? Need advice on finding that perfect colour for your house exterior?

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