Hiring Singapore Architect: 6 Quick Question

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It is a big investment when you want to design and build your custom dream house. Choosing your Singapore architect isn’t an easy job. It will be a stake, especially for homeowners who have little-to-no experience. It will be a huge impact on you if anything goes wrong.

You need a reliable Singapore architect to help you in your home building. A Singapore architect comes in to interpret your design into reality, find a reliable builder and monitor the progress of your home building.

When hiring an architect, there are many considerations you need to consider to hire the right architect. Most of us may know how to ask basic questions, such as references and portfolio examples. But as an outsider, you may not know what you don’t know. We will be giving you an insider’s perspective on what questions to ask before hiring a Singapore architect.

Question 1 For Singapore Architect - How Does Your Design Process Work?

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Usually, the architectural design process will have 4 phases: programming, schematic design, construction drawing, and design development. Every Singapore architect has their method of managing the design process. You will want to understand how their design process works.

If you require your Singapore architect to be involved in the design, it is important to understand the design process. If you plan to hire an interior designer, it is recommended to include the designer, the architect and builder from the start. This will lead to a higher-quality home, and you will have a better experience.

Question 2 For Singapore Architect - What Is The Estimate Completion Timeline?

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No matter which phases you are in, it is important to set a realistic timeline to ensure that your project runs smoothly and within budget. Check with thed Singapore architect when they are available to start the project and estimate how long they can complete your project.

Meeting the timeline will need a team effort. How much time will you be using to review the plan and approve it? Will there be any project manager on your project? If you take a longer time to give feedback, it will push back the timeline.

If your Singapore architect does the work himself and it happens that he needs to go out of town, it may cause a delay too. There are a few things to consider when you review your timeline. It is important for open communication, and you can express to your Singapore architect your concern from the beginning.

Question 3 For Singapore Architect - ​What Fees Is Included and Excluded

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Different Singapore architects offer different types of services. It is important to check what fees are included in your contract. Services may consist of builder sets or full service. When deciding what service you need, you will need to consider your budget, your project’s scope and level of involvement, etc.

Builder sets are the services that Singapore architects deliver for design-build. It will include the drawing for floor plans and elevations, etc. You can save time and money on the architectural design process for builder sets. They also allow you to adjust the pricing based on the materials and finishes you use by your builder.

Full service involves architect design and everything going into your house. Full service will be more expensive, and it will take more time to create. You won’t have the flexibility for your builder.

Question 4 For Singapore Architect - ​How Do You Manage Your Budget?

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It will be a big investment to build a custom home, so you will want to keep your investment within budget. You will need a team effort to manage the budget, including you, your builder, and your architect.

Check with your Singapore architect what measures they will take to manage your budget and are they expecting anything from you. When working out your budget, it is best to involve the whole team. It is best to involve the builder and interior designers in the beginning. From the designing process to reviewing the designs and giving feedback will be an excellent way to manage your budget.

Question 5 For Singapore Architect - Will You Be Involved During The Construction Process?

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You wouldn’t want your home building to go wrong. Someone must be overseeing the construction process. You will want to find out how much the Singapore architect is willing to be involved in the construction process.

Some Singapore architect helps with your design plan and hands it over to you after the design completion. Some projects may need the architect to oversee the construction process.

The plan doesn’t always go smoothly, there will be unforeseen circumstances during the construction process, and there will be problems to solve. Check with your Singapore architect upfront, will they be able to provide answers and clarifications for the problem that arises. Let the architect knows your expectation upfront.

Question 6 For Singapore Architect - How Do You Charge Your Service

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Although the cost is not the main reason for selecting a Singapore architect, sometimes the architect fee may be confusing. You will want to understand your Singapore architect’s fee structure.

There are 4 common ways that architects may charge: an hourly rate, the project’s square footage, a flat fee, or a percentage of construction costs. Check their rate and payment schedule. Please find out the service they are providing or are there any additional services that they offer. Also, check if there is any cost that you are not expecting.

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