How Much Does Interior Design Cost in Singapore?

Interior Design Cost

Purchasing a new house is one of the most expensive long-term investments for most people. Once getting a house, some homeowners may get anxious as they have to think about renovations and the interior design cost. Not everyone is talented in interior design, which can easily materialise their ideas into an actual design plan. But luckily, you can hire an interior designer. 

A good interior designer will propose a design plan that should suit your house best and actualise it with comfort, aesthetics and durability.

Perhaps you have never hired an interior designer before and are probably wondering how much their services cost. Here, we have listed down how much you would need to pay for interior design services alongside some tips on managing your overall interior design cost — you’ll soon be a savvy renovator!

How Much Does It Cost To Hire An Interior Designer In Singapore?

Interior Design Cost
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The following data was collected from completed interior design projects by major interior decor firms in Singapore.

• According to the provided data, the estimated interior design cost range in Singapore is around $34,000 to $234,000.

• Resale HDB flats are typically 25% more expensive than new ones. as the new owners of resale homes may have to spend more money correcting deteriorating wear-and-tear compared to owners of new apartments or BTO homes.

• If all you need is a small surface redesign of your home, interior design cost could cost $11,000 to $15,000.

• If you hire an interior designer to renovate your apartment, the estimated interior design cost can range from $40,500 to $106,000. The cost depends on the size of the apartment.

• The average interior design cost for real estate is approximately $200,000.

Interior Design Cost
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Interior design firms will sometimes offer promotional packages, which include:

* Spatial planning
* Plumbing and pipping
* Masonry
* Consultation services
* Project management
* Window grille and door installation
* Miscellaneous work

• For new HDB flats, these packages will cost around $6,600 to $20,600. For resale HDB flats, the packages can range from $22,000 to $27,000.

• The interior design firms might also combine packages such as ‘living room + 2 bedroom’ packages, which focus on renovating those particular rooms in the house. Such packages would only cost about $15,000 or so. However, for those looking for specific services or in-depth interior design, such combined packages may not be suitable for them.

The Details Behind Interior Design Cost

Interior Design Cost
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When determining the interior design cost, the type and size of the apartment matter. The size of the project and the seniority of the designer are also significant in determining interior design fees. When determining the total cost of an interior design project, the materials to be used should also be considered.

Different interior design firms also have different prices, which include fixed fees, hourly charges, or a percentage cost rate.

For most interior design firms, clients typically pay 20% to 30% of the total interior design cost upfront as the deposit. If you’re being asked to pay more than this percentage, that is a red flag. In addition, if you are required to pay a deposit in cash or check, it also means possible fraudulent activity in the interior design firm you are hiring.

How To Find the Right Interior Designer?

Interior Design Cost
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It can be stressful to choose an interior designer as there are many in Singapore. One may need to scrutinise numerous interior design portfolios to pick one that best suits their needs. Thankfully, choosing an interior designer could be easy if you have clear ideas on what you want, what your budget is, and how much time you’re willing to devote to your project.

After selecting some interior designers, you can interact with them to get a sense of their working style. A good interior designer will maintain smooth communication throughout the whole project. They will also ask for your opinion, especially in important areas such as style and furnishing, before and after the project to gauge your satisfaction rate. Here’s how you choose the right interior designers for your home.

How to Keep Your Interior Design Cost on Budget

Interior Design Cost
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A good way to keep your interior design cost on budget is to monitor your project budget and track every purchase made.

Create two checklists, one for budgeted values and the other one for the actual expenditures, to help you balance your expenses as the project progresses.

You can check these two lists to balance the budgeted items and find cheap alternatives for each item before dipping into emergency reserves. Share them with your interior designer and they can set up a determined design team that can work wonders with a minimal budget.

If your budget is not enough, you can seek outside financings such as personal loans and renovation loans.

Hiring an interior designer is really a personal decision. While some people like to get the workload off their hands, others aren’t sure they’ll be able to either afford the interior design cost or give up that much control over their renovation.

If you’re still considering if hiring a professional is the right choice for you, take a look back at the above tips and consider if they work for you and your home.

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