8 Kitchen Renovation Tips and Tricks That Can Save You Money

Kitchen Renovation Tips And Tricks

Kitchen renovations in Singapore can be costly if you don’t do your planning properly, depending on how much you plan to work on.

Here are some useful Kitchen Renovation Tips and Tricks that have been proven over the years to help save money.

How To Save Cost With Kitchen Renovation Tips and Tricks

1. Plan and Allocate Budget Breakdown

If there is one thing on this list that is a must-do, it’s this one. Break your kitchen renovation budget down into different sections. Here is a simple guide for the budget breakdown:

Kitchen Renovation Tips And Tricks
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You can even create your own version and add more details to your budget breakdown. Once you have a better plan for your renovation, you can allocate and track accordingly.

Kitchen Renovation Tips And Tricks
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A budget with a breakdown of costs will help you follow your plans closely compared to a general one. Another benefit is that you will have better control over any necessary adjustments needed to be made along the project timeline.

Talk this out with your designer/contractor and set your expectations early to avoid hidden costs along the way.

2. Revamp Existing Cabinets and Countertops

If you could reuse existing cabinetry and countertops, it will shave off a significant amount of your costs since these are the main expenses of typical kitchen renovations.

Repainting existing cabinets, refitting them with new handles, or resurfacing them can make a difference to your kitchen’s appearance. Existing countertops can also be refurbished.

Kitchen Renovation Tips And Tricks
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If you need to replace existing cabinets, opt for pre-build / stock cabinets that are ready-fit instead of custom-built. A trip to IKEA could give you some options.

For countertops, you could outsource from direct suppliers instead of directly from the kitchen showroom. Laminated surfaces are cheaper than granite, while the prices for solid wood fall in between.

Doing some research online for good retailers of worktop surfaces and price checks can reduce your need for middlemen, saving more for your budget.

3. Reduce Major Structural Change

If possible, try not to break down the entire kitchen or make major alterations to the existing structure. Here you will need to balance your needs with the space and design of the kitchen.

Kitchen Renovation Tips And Tricks
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Knocking down or hacking walls may be required if they get in the way of your renovation plans, However, extensions and any supportive steelwork require architects and renovation permits. This will, by default, incur any additional costs to hire qualified professionals.

Check with your designer and contractor for their professional opinions.

4. Cash is King

The saying ‘Cash is King’ is true in most scenarios. While there are many design and renovation companies that offer payments via installments, a better way to pay is through paying directly in full or portioned cash, depending on how the agreement is made.

Kitchen Renovation Tips And Tricks
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With cash in hand, you can bargain for a better discount as anything in credit may incur additional charges, whether it is card processing fees or interest rates. In addition, full payments usually take time.

5. Skip The Fancy Boutiques

This is common and typical for anyone who wants to save more since designer brands and limited imported items will cost more.

If you want to save on important furnishings (cabinets, lighting fixtures, etc), popular furniture stores like IKEA, COURTS, FortyTwo, and some places in JB (Johor Bahru) are where you can go.

However, do note that sometimes, cheap may not be better. So make sure to prepare and research properly before shopping. Important things to look out for include the quality of materials, warranty, actual dimensions of the furniture, etc.

If you are adamant about a big brand name, perhaps a visit to a boutique store in JB may be the best option.

6. Locally Trusted Fitter / Electrician

Both the options of using a design firm’s in-house kitchen fitter/electrician and outsourcing by yourself will have different costs and benefits. If you know a contractor who is trustworthy and skilled, then it is fine to approach them for their assistance.

However, the downside is that if there are damages to the extent of needed replacement, you may have to cover these costs yourself. On the other hand, in-house services from a design firm will help to cover these costs.

Kitchen Renovation Tips And Tricks
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While considering these options, the most important thing is to go with whoever can provide long-lasting workmanship and good work, rather than a low-quality finish. Also, note that relocation of the sink and adding more lighting fixtures and power points will add to your kitchen renovation costs.

7. Cost-Saving Themes and Appliances

Different design themes will impact the costs of your kitchen renovation. Minimalist or Scandinavian styles are the most cost-friendly for home renovators in Singapore.

The more exotic, personalized, or eccentric your kitchen design is, the more you will need to customize and bring it to life. Lighting fixtures, interior style, and design elements play important roles in how your kitchen will look.

This is not to say that you will have to go for a Minimalist theme all the time; you can add some personalization to your kitchen even after the renovation is done. Your kitchen can change as time goes by; it does not need to be a fixed design. 

Kitchen Renovation Tips And Tricks
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When it comes to saving costs, go green when shopping for electrical appliances. In the long run, it can make a big difference in your electricity bill. There are usually energy label stickers on air-conditioners, refrigerators, and lights to help you compare and decide.

8. Home Renovation Loans

Getting loans is common for most homeowners in Singapore. A more affordable option for you if you opt for a loan is to get one exclusively for home renovation, as it has a lower interest rate compared to personal loans.

Do some research on the different banks here in Singapore to check if they offer renovation loans or similar services.

Final Thoughts

There are many other resources such as blogs and forums that you can refer to before starting on your renovation work.

As with most things in life, you either pay time for money or money for time. There should be a healthy balance in going for what you want and what you need, and the best way to do that is to plan and think long-term.

When deciding, decide based on your own circumstances and not merely on impulse. If you have read through the above tips, you have given yourself a headstart in saving up for your kitchen renovation. After all, research and planning have always been beneficial for a successful renovation.

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8 Kitchen Renovation Tips And Tricks That Can Save You Money

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