6 Ways LED Lighting Can Enhance Your Interior Design

Led Lighting

Those days are long gone when interior design was limited by sofas, cushions, curtains, paint or some boring lights. Nowadays you can use LED lighting to do the interior design work and you can get visually pleasing results instantly.

If you need ideas on using LED lighting for decorating your home, here are 6 ways to use them to enhance your interior’s visual appeal.

Enhance Your Interior Design With Led Lighting

1. Cove Lighting

Led Lighting
Image Credit: Aspect Led

Cove lighting is one of the easiest ways to use LED lighting to add some wow to your interior design. While it does not give you direct lighting, it helps to illuminate your walls for an atmospheric look and feel.

You can install LED cove lighting on the valences of your ceiling and let it light up the corners of your ceiling and adjoining wall. This gives you a fantastic and amazing appearance on your ceiling.

If you want to highlight something special in your ceiling or give your home a different look, cove lighting can help with that. Installation is easy, as you can simply fix LED lighting strips at selected spots on your ceiling.

2. TV Back Lighting

Led Lighting
Image Credit: Gurgaon

Installing LED strips behind television monitors is becoming very popular, and you can also try this for your TV room. One of the benefits of this interior design is that not only does it create a cosy ambience, but it can also lessen the strain on your eyes if you are watching TV in the dark.

In addition, if your television set is mounted on a wall, installing bright LED lighting around that wall will give your television screen a 3D-pop-out effect.

LED strips behind your television screen will not just amp up your entertainment room, but it will also make TV-watching more comfortable. In addition, you can easily install these lighting strips by yourself.

3. Furniture Lighting

Led Lighting
Image Credit: Interior Design Ideas

Here is a cool idea to try out for lighting; if your want to add some dramatic flair to your living room, why not use LED lighting on your furniture? For this, you can take an LED strip and paste it just below your sofa or couch for a whimsical, floating effect.

Once these strips have been pasted, it will illuminate your furniture in a cool way even if all the other lights are off. This can give your living room a romantic and relaxing mood. In fact, why not use this on furniture in your bedrooms as well?

4. Dimmable Lights

Led Lighting
Image Credit: Combi Electric

You can get dimmable LED lighting from offline and online stores like Lazada and Shopee to light up your home the modern way. Here’s the cool thing about this kind of LED lighting – you can get different colours in just one set, and switch to any of them to match your mood.

For example, if you are in the bedroom with your partner and you both want a romantic mood, pick a light colour to set the scene. Similarly, if you are working out at home, change the lighting to a colour to hype you up and get that energy going.

5. Fountain Lighting

Led Lighting
Image Credit: Pinterest

If you’ve got a fountain in your backyard or in your living room, you can use LED lighting to enhance its look. Using LED lighting on a vintage fountain can give it a fresh and interesting vibe.

If you do not have a fountain but own an aquarium, you can stick the light strips outside it on its glass walls to give it a luminescent glow. This is the fun thing about these light strips; you can think out of the box and be as creative as you like.

6. Decorate Your Wall Using LED Lighting

Led Lighting
Image Credit: Designer Wall

If you like to change your interior design or the colour of your walls very frequently, putting LED lights inside your walls is a good way to give your rooms different looks without emptying your wallet.

Get good quality LED lighting with wall holders or mounting. Once the lighting has been installed inside your walls, you can just change the LED bulb whenever you want a different colour or feel for your room.

For example, if you want a blue wall, simply switch the current light bulbs to blue ones. If changing light bulbs is not your thing, you can go for dimmable LED wall lights with smart app control. Being able to change the colour of your lights effortlessly will be great for both your home and your wallet.

As seen with the six methods above, LED lighting is versatile and experimental; if you pair them with smartphone apps, they can be easily controlled to reduce any lighting woes. You can use LED lighting in any part of your home for a more tailored look and reduced electricity bills.

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6 Ways Led Lighting Can Enhance Your Interior Design

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