Living Room Flooring: 6 Fantastic Interior Design Tips

Living Room Flooring

The living room is where you will be spending most of your time and will be a place where you will be entertaining your guest. You will want to search for a comfortable living room flooring where it can stand up to the daily use of the whole family. 

The living room has the most significant footprint in the home and is usually an open-plan living space. The living room flooring you choose can greatly impact the look and feel of the surrounding. 

It is important to do some research before deciding on your living room flooring, as flooring isn’t easy to replace. You will want to balance practicality and aesthetics. Here are some fantastic interior design tips for you to consider. 

1. Living Room Flooring - Carpet For A Soft Underfoot Surface

Living Room Flooring
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Using carpet for your living room flooring may be a good choice if you want a warm and soft underfoot surface. Besides that, the carpet can help insulate sound and create a calm feeling. It can be quite useful if you are staying in an older property. 

When you are getting a carpet for your living room, you should consider getting a hard-wearing carpet to stand up for everyday use. An 80 percent wool, 20 percent artificial fiber version carpet will be good enough. 

If you are looking for a practical and stylish carpet that also stands the test of time, consider getting a neutral carpet with a delicate pattern. It can help uplift the base, and the design can help disguise dirt and stains

2. Living Room Flooring - Marble Tiles For A Modern Touch

Living Room Flooring
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Marble is an option commonly used for living room flooring in modern houses. It helps to add a touch of elegance to their house. But this will be an expensive living room flooring option as it will be priced at premium rates. 

When you are getting a marble flooring, you will need a sealer for the marble to avoid water damage. Too much exposure of water can lead to discolouration of the marble tiles. It is best to repeat the process annually to get the best result. 

If you don’t want to use marble for your whole living room flooring, you can consider using two types of material: marble and vinyl flooring. Marble can pair up with other tile designs to have an incredible outcome. 

3. Living Room Flooring - Vinyl Works Best For Kids And Elderly

Living Room Flooring
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Using vinyl tiles will be a great option if you have a budget for your living room flooring. It doesn’t need much maintenance and is slip-proof, so if you have kids and the elderly, vinyl tile will work well for your home. 

Besides suitable for kids and elderly, vinyl tile can create a striking geometric look for your living room. There are many effect designs and abstract tiles for you to choose from. If you use it, it can create a stylish living room and help make the spaces feel larger. 

Vinyl also has the benefit of being water-resistant and hardwearing. Besides that, it is also lightweight, easy installation, and flexible. . 

4. Living Room Flooring - Fall For Concrete Tiles

Living Room Flooring
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If you are looking forward to having a modern living room, a concrete floor with be a great living room flooring option. The popularity of concrete flooring is increasing for the contemporary home and is ideal for an open living room. 

Concrete tiles can be an alternative to a poured concrete floor, but neither is cheap. There are different finishes and colors for you to select from, and both are easy to clean and care for. 

If you want a contemporary look but prefer a softer underfoot, rubber living room flooring will be an option, and it will have a more reasonable price. It is also durable. 

5. Living Room Flooring - Go For Enduringly Stylish Wood

Living Room Flooring
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Wood flooring is an option that never goes out of style. It will be a great choice for your living room. There are a few options, such as solid wood and engineered wood. 

Solid wood flooring is a good choice if you want an organic element for your living room space. It has different species, board lengths, and widths. It also has the option of geometric parquet patterns. It can last for many years. It can be refinished if it is damaged. 

Engineered wood is also another option with an equal natural beauty that you want to look into. You will want to look for engineered wood with a top layer that allows it to be refinished. Some engineered wood with lower quality wouldn’t be able to be refinished. 

6. Living Room Flooring - Laminate Flooring

Living Room Flooring
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Laminate flooring is another common option. It is a form of flooring that consists of four layers. Each layer has its own function. Laminate flooring often resembles wood and is based on your budget. It can be a good substitution for hardwood flooring.

You may be surprised that these tiles look like natural wood, but they only contain pressed wood chips in the base layer. The finish is an image layer of rendered wood. 

Laminate flooring is durable and affordable. Besides that, it can be easily customized in many ways. You can discuss with your interior designer to see which design works best for your living room. 

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