Living Room Features That Will Never Go Out of Style

Living Room

Every living room in the world deserves a unique, lasting, and chic combination of elements that outlives capricious design trends. Say goodbye to expensive remodelling every other season as some living room features that will never go out of style are simply meant to stay. Amid rugs, mirrors, wall colours, furniture pieces, and lighting fixtures, you need only choose which mix makes you feel most comfortable and, ultimately, best reflects your taste.

Living Room
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Living Room Features #1 The Right Kind of Light

The living room is precisely what the name implies: a space where you, your family, and your visitors spend quality time together. And you can’t expect comfort if the atmosphere is off. To shed some light on the matter, this is where appropriate room illumination can help you out.

The simplest and least obtrusive designs are the best. Either with straight or curvy lines, an elegant metallic floor lamp will set the mood for every gathering. Unpretentious as it is classic, ambient lighting is a synonym for intimate leisure time.

Living Room
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On the other hand, chandeliers can create quite a different ambience, either one of delicate elegance or extravagant luxury. It is up to you to choose which design best suits your lifestyle and your living space. Regardless of the type, these intricately branching ambient pendant lights are exceptional and true living room classics.

Living Room Features #2 Gilt Frame Mirrors

Living Room
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Most homeowners use mirrors to brighten up a living room and visually expand it. However, mirrors do not have an exclusively practical use. They have evolved into pieces of art, making a statement in their own right.

As such, they are used as a part of wall art displays, to reflect another piece of art, or to produce a play of light. Regardless of your intentions and needs, a mirror is a feature most welcome in a living room.

One of those timeless accent pieces is certainly an overmantle mirror. It doesn’t matter whether you use the fireplace at its base or not. The classic combination of marble and giltwood frame is a classic example of the luxury that outlasts centuries and home design trends.

Living Room
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Living Room Features #3 Highlight Piece of Furniture

What kind of living room element never goes out of style? The one you and your guests intuitively love and enjoy. And most often, it happens to be that single piece of accent sofa or chair you inherited, or bought in an antique shop, or reupholstered. Cosy and unique, such a piece is eye-catching and turns a living room into a designer’s paradise.

Living Room
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The highlight item can stand out from the rest with its contrasting but compatible colour, material, or shape. Velvet upholstery is compatible with leather but also with polished marble and glass elements. Even if such a mix of textures looks bold, one can never say it looks unfashionable.

Why Does Timeless Living Room Style Matter Today?

Furnishing your living room in a sustainable manner is cost-effective, even if some quality pieces require a bit of upfront investment. The ever-stylish living room is attractive and comfortable at the same time.

It is relatively simple to clean and maintain. It doesn’t require yearly or biannual remodelling. Consequently, aside from long-term savings, it reduces the amount of waste and use of fossil fuels worldwide.

That being said, living room features that will never go out of style in Singapore, Europe, the US, or anywhere else in the world, share a few common traits in their uniqueness: neutral basis, tactical highlights, sustainability, a touch of affordable luxury, and a welcoming atmosphere.

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