Lower Your Kitchen Renovation Cost With 5 Amazing Ways

Kitchen Renovation Cost

Things tend to wear out as time passes. When it comes to renovation, it is going to cost a bomb. Kitchen renovation is one of the most expensive sites because of the material and labor cost. You will be figuring out how to lower your kitchen renovation cost. 

It is up to you how you want to save your budget. When it comes to lowering your kitchen renovation cost, you will want to note that while you are trying to keep your budget, the secondary parties involved, such as contractors, architects, and designers, are trying to maximize their profits. Just remind them to stay within your budget if they push too much. 

So if you have no idea where to start, here are some tips that will be helpful for you to plan your budget for your kitchen renovation cost. 

Ways To Lower Your Kitchen Renovation Cost

1. Keep Your Current Kitchen Layout

Kitchen Renovation Cost
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If you are happy with your current layout, try not to change it too much. Dramatically changing the layout will not help you to save your budget. Changing your layouts, such as moving plumbing for the sink or refrigerator, will involve changing wires or plumbing. This will be an extra cost of materials in addition to the labor.

If you want to have a fresh look in your kitchen, you can keep your kitchen layout and update the elements within that framework. This is a cost-effective way. You can keep your existing flooring without any extra wiring.  

Unless you want to do major alterations to your kitchen and prepare to spend the money. If you want to lower your kitchen renovation cost, it is best to keep your kitchen layout.

2. Add A Creative Backsplash

Kitchen Renovation Cost
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Adding a backsplash in your kitchen can create a significant aesthetic impact. This is manageable when you have a budget. There are different options for you to choose from. It doesn’t involve a lot of cutting. You will just need a trowel and tile cutter with a pre-mixed grout, and your job will be able to be done. If you want to keep your kitchen renovation cost low and looking for a more affordable option, you can consider a beadboard backsplash.

Another option to create an impact in your kitchen and a cost-effective option is the classic subway tile. It may be simple, but the layout can give your kitchen a modern feeling, especially if it is in a bolder color.

If the above two ideas don’t suit you, another option is don’t install too much backsplash. By keeping the design simple, you can keep your kitchen renovation cost low. Put it at the place where you think you need it. If you already have an existing backsplash tile, just apply some vinyl decals to update the look with a pattern.

3. Refacing Your Cabinet

Kitchen Renovation Cost
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If your cabinet is still in good condition, the most cost-effective way is to repaint it or re-lacquer it simply. Replacing the whole cabinet are more expensive than keeping most of the materials. New cabinets can be costly. Built-in cabinets will have to be custom-made to fit in your space, and it will cost you more.

Another option to lower your kitchen renovation cost is that you can opt to open shelving. You can create a new layout by replacing specific sections of the upper cabinet with an open shelf if you are not replacing your cabinet and want some additional space to store your things. 

You can also look into some ready-to-assemble options where you can assemble it yourself. This will save you some labor costs. But it can be challenging to find one to fit your kitchen.

If you intend to refresh your existing cabinets, here are some ideas for you. Repaint your kitchen cabinets, but the process will be time-consuming. But it is quite simple to do for beginners. Another option is refacing. This will be more expensive than painting. 

Refacing is to add a new veneer on the outside of the cabinet boxes. It will be replacing the doors and drawer fronts. This won’t be easy to do yourself as it requires tools and expertise.

4. Selecting Your Countertop

Kitchen Renovation Cost
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When choosing a countertop for your kitchen, looking for the right fit for how often you cook is essential. Some less durable materials are more expensive, such as marbles, are less durable but more expensive than granite or quartz.

Engineered stone can look just as good as natural stone but tends to cost less and be more durable. Another option is butcher block. It is a good option if you don’t need the same resilient quality of a stone. It has a lower fabrication cost too.

If your DIY skills are good, you can DIY yourself and save a lot on countertops. Granite is a popular option, but it may be challenging to find enough remnantsto cover every surface in your kitchen. 

Another option to lower your kitchen renovation cost is to choose your new laminate countertop. You just need to purchase a trim router, a laminate roller, dowels, and glue, and you will have a new countertop in a day. If you are installing your laminate countertop, be sure to include the cost of a plumber to put a new sink.

5. Create A Kitchen Island With An Existing Table

Kitchen Renovation Cost
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If you intend to install a new kitchen island but worry about your kitchen renovation cost, try to think out of the box. Having a moveable island will satisfy your needs and save you the cost of construction.

Turning your existing table or a cart will add a creative idea to your kitchen. Adding a castor onto it to make it a mobile island will create the look you want and functionality without cost and work.

Plan your kitchen renovation cost ahead so that you can save more on your kitchen renovation. If you want to lower your kitchen renovation cost, we hope these tips will help you to plan ahead.

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Lower Your Kitchen Renovation Cost With 5 Amazing Ways

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