5 Minimalist Interior Design Ideas for Singapore Apartment

Representation Of Minimalist Interior Design Ideas For Your Singapore Apartment

(Guest Writer: Lisa Roberts)

Overcrowding your space is long gone in the world of interior design. Today, we work with less and make more of it, which is fine because often – less is more. Now, if you have the ambition to make your place a minimalist universe with taste, you’re in for a treat! We prepare for you five minimalist interior design ideas for your Singapore apartment.

Minimalist Interior Design 1# Neutral colors are your best friends

Coloring is the base of any interior design. When you choose a hue for your walls, you choose the course of further design. If you want to achieve a minimalist vibe, you should stick to simple, neutral hues while decorating your home. We strongly recommend using solid, neutral tones or modest designs for the flooring and the upholstery. Avoid using things like large designs that are very colorful or floral motifs that are really bright. Instead, add warmth and attractiveness to your area by incorporating textural elements such as a fuzzy pillow or a rug. Even the greatest fuzzy rug will succeed at adding warmth to the overall look of your space but won’t destroy the minimalist idea.

You can go all-white

Pure white colors are pure minimalism. However, they’re quite controversial amongst designers nowadays. If you overdo only color without texture, your interior will be plain and boring. But, if you do just the right amount of everything with some interesting elements to fully ‘sell it,’ – you can make the most sophisticated, luxurious interior people will envy you for.

All White Design.
There’s Nothing That Says Luxurious Minimalism Like Pure White All Over The Place.

Minimalist Interior Design 2# Play with geometry

Minimalism goes hand in hand with precision, and what is more precise than the lovely science of geometry? Incorporating geometry in your design can give your space a modern, futuristic look. It can bring up the best your room offers if done right. Adding geometric features like geometric bookshelves can make neutral-colored walls seem fun and refreshing. Many apartments in Singapore have the potential to be geometric masterpieces with just the proper use of different shades of similar colors. Ensure that your vision includes every inch of it because if it doesn’t, the excess space can cause a disbalance in the design.

Minimalist Interior Design 3# Simplicity is key

If you want your apartment to have a minimalist feel, you will need to select your furnishings thoughtfully. Take into consideration not just their practicality but also their quality and their aesthetic value. To add to the simple vibe, you can think about using cabinets with no handles, for example. Also, simplicity can be achieved with a simple step such as decluttering. Keeping your home clear of clutter and other sources of distraction will make it easier for you to maintain a serene state of mind there.

Kitchen Design
Cabinets With No Handles Can Be A Perfect Addition To Your Minimalist Interior Design Ideas For Your Singapore Apartment.

Minimalist Interior Design 4# Hidden storage

It is essential to not only organize the things you own into their respective categories but also to create a place for everything you own. Cabinets with a stylish modern design or storage space beneath the bed could be helpful in decluttering the space. It can also be a creative and under- the-budget storage solution. Be sure to move as many of your possessions as possible out of the way and out of sight. That way, you’ll have a nice minimalist home, and you’ll feel like you own some secret treasure every time you want to put on some clothes, for example. 

Take care of your valuables

Even though it might seem like a treasure hunt every time you need to open your hidden storage, some of the items might need some extra care. Your precious jewelry, antiques, or any other valuables need special attention. That’s why it might be best to store valuables after you’ve consulted storage professionals on how to do it the right way and maybe rent a storage facility if you have more of them. That way, your valuables will be safe and won’t ruin your minimalist idea.

Minimalist Interior Design 5# Adjust the lighting for a final touch

The lighting should have a sophisticated and uncomplicated form, and it should be carefully placed to provide illumination while also showcasing the area’s aesthetic. Track lighting is an excellent aesthetic choice in a contemporary and uncluttered space. Minimalist design is not only an approach to organizing your home’s beauty but also a method for simplifying your life. Simple lamp designs will help you function in the evening and make an excellent minimalist addition.

Light Bulbs
You Can Use Light Bulbs As A Way To Give Some Décor And Spirit To Your Living Space Without Making It Look Overcrowded.

Why opt for Minimalist Interior Design?

The twenty-first century is a turbulent era for all artistic branches. It seems like everyone’s trying to top everyone else. There are a lot of extravagant ideas and trend-setting. In all that fuss and kitsch, it’s hard to find something that will stand proud and last through time. Minimalist designs are one of the few timeless things. Besides providing elegance, this interior design is also excellent and easy to maintain. Simple maintenance is quite a valuable feature if you live in a modern and efficient city like Singapore. You would want to invest your time in something more important than worrying about the clutter and also repairs that need to be made on your luxurious furniture. That’s why minimalism is highly appreciated, especially amongst designers in this city.

Final thoughts

Throughout the years, we learn over and over again that less IS more. In order to make a sophisticated and luxurious design, there’s no need to clutter our surroundings with bulky, shiny things. Playing with a few elements with good taste can be just enough. If you want to take on the challenge, we suggest you try these five minimalist interior design ideas for the Singapore apartment we provided. From there, you can make adjustments according to your taste. Let the creative juices flow and enjoy the result at the end of the road!

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5 Minimalist Interior Design Ideas For Singapore Apartment

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