Choosing Builder By Avoiding 6 Terrible Mistake

Choosing Builder

Are you deciding to build your own home or for your company. This is a very important decision. We do not often build our own homes, so choosing builder that you trust is important. To ensure your whole project runs smoothly, you will have a lot of important decisions to make. 

Building a custom house have a lot of risks. If you think that building a home is just about designing, you are wrong. The first decision you have to make is choosing builder that you want. You will have to work closely with the builder from the beginning of the project. 

It would help if you had a trustable builder, so what mistakes to avoid while choosing builder. We will be sharing some tips with you. 

Mistakes To Avoid While Choosing Builder

1. Choosing The Wrong Type

Choosing Builder
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You may be thinking all the builders do the same thing, and a builder is a builder. If you think this way, then you are wrong.

While choosing builder, you have to take note that different builders have a different experiences. Some builders specialize in building new homes, some specialize in renovating, while others specialize in high-end buildings. 

A builder specializing in building extensions may not be the right home builder if you are building a brand-new home. They may not have the experience and skill to do the whole job. Choosing builder that is not suitable for your work, you will find that you are struggling to get the service you want.

2. Not Getting A Proper Quote

Choosing Builder
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You must have heard that you get what you pay for. While choosing builder, don’t judge on the price and go for the builder who quotes you the lowest price without reviewing his quotation. Builders with lower quotes usually will have lots of corner cuts. This is to make the price more attractive to you.

Suppose the builder can quote at a lower price. In that case, it may be because he is either using low-quality material or material from overseas. The builder may be cutting corners during the process or hiring cheap labor who is not skillful at doing the job.

Make sure the quotation is detailed and extensive. Understand what their guarantees, inclusions, and other building details are. Some builders may have hidden costs that they intend to jump out when the time is right.

When it comes to choosing builder, you will want to save yourself the trouble and work with an honest and transparent builder. If you try to save costs initially, you will find that there will be more problems in the future.

3. Not Getting Testimonials

Choosing Builder
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Getting testimonials is also an important point to take note of when choosing builder. Some builders’ websites may have many reviews written on them, but it doesn’t mean it reflects the truth and represents the company. It may be the truth, but you may want to dig it deeper.

You may approach the company on social media like Facebook or Twitter. The company will have less control over it than the website. The review will be more raw and honest. Some may be biased, and you will determine how much you can trust it.

You may try to get the contact of the company’s client and get a direct review from them if possible, or you can check with your friends, colleague, or family if they know any trusted builder. You will get a more direct response from there. So be careful when it comes to choosing builder.

4. A Builder With Poor Communication Skill

Choosing Builder

It is important to communicate when it comes to choosing builders, especially if it is a home that you are staying in. You wouldn’t want anything to happen. It can be frustrating when your builder is not responding well.

You should be able to contact your builder through their cell phone. They may be busy and should appoint a person who is more accessible to reach rather than just leaving a message and not getting a response. The person you contact should be someone who has the authority to address your need.

If you don’t understand anything, ask the person in charge. If you need to google to find out, the builder may not be fit enough as there’s no communication. Google to find out an answer will lead you in a direction that may be false. If the builder talks to you in terms that you don’t understand, make sure you check with them until you understand. If the builder is not on the same page as you, it will be hard to work together, so make sure both of you can communicate well.

5. Skipping Written Paperwork

Choosing Builder
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Some builders tend to skip the paperwork, especially someone they know. It may sound incredible to agree with the handshake. This is a very common mistake that people make when it comes to choosing builder.

Without any proper paperwork done, it can be very risky. There is no formal written paperwork to protect yourself from the risk associated with the building project. There will be no guarantee of any delay or the task done. There won’t be any guarantee of any damage.
The worst thing is that the building may look fine when completed, but there won’t be any structure guarantee if the building has issues many years down the line.

Get a lawyer to review the contract or help you to draft and get the builder to sign. If the builder refuses to sign, you will want to consider getting another one.

6. No Building Inspection

Choosing Builder
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Finally, your building is done, and you are ready to get the keys to start living in your house. But since it is a place that you will stay in, safety is very important. It doesn’t mean the building is safe from faults and defects.

No matter what building you build, there is always a chance that the building may have defects. It can be the material that has been used or overall craftsmanship. Even worse, it may have pest already started living in your house before you shift in.

By finding a licensed building inspection company, they can discover any defect in the building. The builder will have to fix the fault without extra cost to you. You will have peace of mind this way.

So if you have decided to build yourself a house, when it comes to choosing builders, these tips maybe a guide for you to protect yourself and also having a safe place to stay in. 

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