7 Must-Have Features of A ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ Home

Crazy Rich Asians

It takes more than just an affluent location for your home to qualify for the ‘Crazy Rich’ status.

I believe that most of you already saw the movie Crazy Rich Asians. If you haven’t, go check it now while it’s still showing in the cinemas. Following Rachel and Nick around the popular and beautiful landmarks in Singapore like Marina Bay SandsGardens by the BayChijmes is awesome, but the one thing that truly stood out is the enormous (crazy rich) house that Nick’s family live in.

While you might think that it is a real house in Singapore… well, it is not. The house itself is located in Kuala Lumpur, and it is a luxury hotel, not Tyersall Park as depicted in the movie.

But the truth is, there are indeed a lot of real “Singaporean Crazy Rich Houses” in Singapore. Most of them have some common features that make the house a “Crazy Rich” home, such as:

1.         Gardens

Starting from the exterior of the house, the garden is one of the key areas that catches people attention immediately and creates a great visual experience for your guests. Besides the aesthetics, the garden also helps in reducing pollution, absorbing CO2, and creating more oxygen for your home.

As you might have seen in countless movies, the magnificent “Crazy Rich” garden is where life-altering events can happen…be it the most romantic courtship of a lifetime, the monumental business deal, the birth of a groundbreaking idea, or anything you can possibly imagine.

Crazy Rich Asians

2.         Car Garage

What is a big mansion without its huge garage for your brand-new, shiny Audi R8? Or probably an open garage to show off all your obscenely expensive luxury cars when you do an open house. Who buys a Lamborghini Aventador or Rolls-Royce Wraith just to keep it inside the garage? No one, ever and an open garage is just the right choice to add in your ever so luxurious crib.

Crazy Rich Asians

3.         Swimming Pool

A grand swimming pool is like the essential key to a crazy rich house. Almost every crazy rich house has this. Having your own private swimming pool means you won’t have to go to sports club to mingle with or impress the people you don’t like. Or if you prefer to have water features instead of a swimming pool, you can consider having your own luxurious Koi pond… or why not just have both, if you have the acres to spare.

Crazy Rich Asians

4.         Furniture

To be classified as “Crazy Rich”, designer furniture and luxury furnishings from all over the world is a must… even if you are rarely at home, and your maids are the ones who enjoy them more than you.


“The American version of ‘rich’ is like, ‘Expensive! Vegas! The bigger, the better!’ But in Singapore, it’s all about being unique,” says director Jon M. Chu.

A lavish home in Singapore is the one that has unique furniture and sense of style. Even in the movies you can see how Rachel’s best friend’s house looking oh so luxurious with everything uniquely gold and shiny.

Crazy Rich Asians

5.         Art and Antiques

You can’t miss this one, especially if you are into art. Beautiful, rare sculptures and paintings will increase the aesthetics of your house and impress your guests. In the movie itself, you can see there are many exotic antiques and magnificent ‘lion’. Family legacies from different dynasties are the validation of old heritage as well (like the Young family in the movie).

Crazy Rich Asians
'Crazy Rich Asians' Warner Bros.

6.         Staircase

The grand staircase, be it indoors or outdoors (coupled with an elaborate chandelier) is still an essential feature for a luxury house (although nowadays some super crazy rich people would rather have a private elevator instead). It is a symbol of status that adds a touch of majestic grandeur to your home.

Crazy Rich Asians

7. Spacious Entertainment Area

A dining table that seat 10 may be more than what your family needs, but that wouldn’t be enough for that grand party you’re having this weekend, now wouldn’t it? You’ve seen the celebrations in Crazy Rich Asians? Humongous. Having a dining room that opens up to a courtyard or a garden will be great – you’ll be able to set up tables and chairs for a your grand party.

Crazy Rich Asians
'Crazy Rich Asians' Warner Bros.

Well, these are just some common features of a “Crazy Rich” home. Of course, there are many other features such as the million-dollar smart home technology and surveillance, your own private yacht berth, etc… 

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7 Must-Have Features Of A ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ Home

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