Transform Balcony In Singapore With 6 Inspiration Ideas

Transform Your Balcony

Peeking out into the world through your balcony is quite relaxing but is your balcony too bland and uninviting? Do you want to transform  balcony to catch some attention and spend some private time there?

When it comes to transforming your balcony, there are endless ideas. Unfortunately, many people use the balcony as extra storage or even to dry their clothes. It simply becomes a place to dump your old household. 

Get creative, and you will have an enjoyable space that you can use to take a break or entertain, depending on the size of your balcony.

When choosing the theme for transforming your balcony, you will have to consider how much time you are willing to maintain the space. Another thing you will want to consider is whether your transformation suits the tropical weather in Singapore.

Things To Take Note To Transform Balcony In Singapore

Transform Your Balcony
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You must be very excited to transform balcony. But before transforming your balcony, you will want to understand what you can and can’t do under Singapore law.

According to the Urban Development Authority (URA), a balcony needs 15% of the net internal size per unit. The minimum width will be 1.5 meters. There will be exceptions made if there are curved or odd-shaped.

You are not allowed to enclose your balcony with walls or glass panels. But furnishing such as blinds is permitted. Balcony screens are also allowed but under the condition that they can be drawn open or retracted fully.

There should have natural ventilation or airflow within the balcony even when the screens are fully drawn. So take note of this when you want to transform balcony. 

Inspiration Ideas To Transform Balcony 1: Secret Garden

Transform Your Balcony
Image Credit: Canva

If you love nature, why not bring nature into your home. Transform balcony into a secret garden by installing planters. The most important thing is to keep your pots and plants organized.

Decide if you want to grow veggies or flowers. Try to visualize before you start to grow anything, especially if your space is small. This can avoid any unnecessary decors in your space.

After deciding what to plant, think about the different color and flower combinations that can be grown in your secret garden. If you have strong balcony rods, try to plant some colorful railing planters for a pop of color.

You can consider having a ladder-style shelf to utilize the vertical height fully. Arrange your plants in varying pot sizes and colors—different designs and shapes help frame your plants.

If you want to put some life to your plain walls, consider installing a living wall using crawlers or decorating with succulents. If you have enough space on your balcony, consider adding some seating area where you can relax. Putting some DIY landscaping will put in a big difference.

Inspiration Ideas To Transform Balcony 2: Reading Corner Or Working Space

Transform Your Balcony
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Suppose you are a bookworm and would like to enjoy nature simultaneously. Transform balcony into a cozy spot where you can relax, read, and enjoy nature simultaneously.

Cover your balcony floor with some tiles to create a relaxing effect. Put some fluffy cushions and a chair or a day-bed with light blankets if you have enough space. Put a small table for a tea break and some woolen carpet. Make your balcony as comfortable as you want.

Add some magazine racks or small bookshelves to keep your reading materials which can occupy you for an afternoon. It will add some adventure when you are outside. Don’t forget to put a “Don’t Disturb” sign at the entrance to avoid disturbance.

You can even transform  balcony into a study area. Working from home is getting common, so maximizing the balcony will be a good idea. You will want to consider the sunlight throughout the day if you want to transform balcony into a working space. Using blinds will be a helpful way to block the harsh rays.

Inspiration Ideas To Transform Balcony 3: Light Up Your Balcony

Transform Your Balcony
Image Credit: Journalyst

Lighting is very important in any domestic space, especially on the balcony. If there isn’t any built-in lighting, consider some drop-down pendant lights to let your balcony have a chic mood and ambiance within the space. If you prefer something lesser permanent, try putting lanterns which has the same impact.

If you want some romantic atmosphere, decorate your balcony with lights by putting them around the balcony grills or the walls above the area where you sit. If there are plants on the balcony, place string lights around it for a finishing touch.

Handing fairy lights is also one of the preferred ones. It can transform balcony by adding a homely atmosphere to it extends. If you prefer a warm tone, hang up some yellow-bulb fairy lights with black cables. 

Hang twinkly fairy lights along the railing helps to jazz up the space. If you want something different, stuff some fairy lights into jars or empty wine bottles and place them in plants.

Inspiration Ideas To Transform Balcony 4: Make It Pet Friendly

Transform Your Balcony
Image Credit: The Spruce Pet

If you have pets at home, such as dogs, you will want to make your home a pet-friendly place. You can quickly transform balcony into a pet-friendly place, create a mini-park for them. Before allowing your cats and dogs to chill and cuddle outside with you, ensure that you invest in a screen to protect them from dangerous falls.

Once you have ensured their safety, it is time to create a space for them. Place an artificial turf to transform balcony into an outdoor field. It helps create fake potty grass for your pet when they have a sudden urge. Feel free to add their favorite toys to chew on and a cozy bed for them to rest.

Besides that, if you have birds to feed, you can transform balcony into a little tropical paradise. Install a bird feeder to the railing, and you can take care of their basics, such as food and water. 

If you want something more complex, why not get a birdbath or vertical feeder. It can use as an ornamental piece if the birds aren’t around. Installing a simple tray feeder will get the job done too.

Inspiration Ideas To Transform Balcony 5: Play Area For Your Kids

Transform Your Balcony
Image Credit: The Smart Local

When you have kids at home, sometimes we don’t have a luxury time for a spontaneous outdoor playtime with them. Transform balcony into a play area where they can still have fun. This way, your kids can play outdoors while safely in your own home.

There is always a risk for putting the play area on the balcony, consider installing wire grilles for precaution, but nothing can replace a watchful eye on your children. Consider putting rubble mats or artificial turf, a child-safe flooring for them to play on and for toddlers to crawl on.

To enhance your play area, fill your inflatable pool for a mini swim for your kids. You may even have a tent to let them play in the shade during hot weather. Or even have a foam tile hopscotch. They will have hours of fun just on the balcony. This will be a unique play area for them just playing outdoor games indoors.

Inspiration Ideas To Transform Balcony 6: Set Up A Bar Counter

Transform Your Balcony
Image Credit: Pinterest

It is pretty hard to transform balcony if you have a small narrow balcony. It will be too crammed as you put in more furniture. Transform balcony into a balcony bar can free up floor space. You can put the bar counter against the railing. It will be a space-efficient way for a narrow balcony.

There are different types of balcony bars to choose from, including folding, clamp-on, or a simple standalone bar table. You can decide depending on your budget and requirement.

Transform balcony into a balcony bar, giving you a place to hang out during your free time. Putting another few extra stools will be a new eating area, and you can even accommodate a small group of friends for a party.

Things To Consider For Comfort And Safety

Transform Your Balcony
Image Credit: Canva

Weather: Since the weather in Singapore is hot most of the time, get a ventilation fan or a freestanding fan to help to circulate the air. It will allow to cool you down. Add a patio umbrella for extra shade. Consider placing a durable cover over your outdoor furniture to protect it whenever it is not used.

Safety: It is crucial to ensure that your balcony is safe for everyone. Consider installing a sturdy railing across the balcony. It will help to avoid accidents. It is important, especially if you have kids or pets. 

Transforming your balcony will allow you to have an extra area to use instead of just becoming a storage area. These inspiration ideas on transforming your balcony will give you an idea of what you want to do with your balcony.

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