7 Wall Design Ideas To Enhance Your Living Room

Wall Design

Designing your living room can be difficult, especially the wall design for your living room. 

We’ve all experienced the distress of moving into a swanky house and decorating it to near perfection, only to have everything ruined by a leaky wall. High temperatures and humidity in Singapore make it nearly impossible for seepages and cracks to be hidden, while wallpapers and paintwork often lack inspiration and durability.

To help, we rounded up 7 innovative wall claddings that can make your living room stand out.

Wall Design Ideas #1: Vinyl Wall Cladding

Wall Design
Image Credit: Home Bnc

Vinyl cladding is gaining popularity due to its characteristics and affordable price. It is not costly, so you can consider it if you are looking for something economical. It is a versatile material and very easy to install. You can even install it on your own and save money if you prefer not to hire professionals.

Vinyl cladding offers various choices in colour, texture, and design. You can even mix and match to get your own unique look. Check out this wall cladding with a patterned 3D effect; isn’t it giving the room a perfect modern twist?

Another prominent advantage of vinyl cladding is its low maintenance.

Wall Design Ideas #2: Wood Panelling

Wall Design
Image Credit: Decorist

Wood panelling is the most famous and highly rated cladding option. Not only is it strong, its beauty and grace of wood are eye-catching as it stands out from the rest. It gives any room a warm natural look and is quite durable.

A number of stains are available, so you can choose which one to paint your wooden wall with. Its thermal insulation capacity is superior to that of concrete, so it can help conserve energy and save costs better compared to drywall designs.

Wall Design Ideas #3: Wallpaper Cladding

Wall Design
Image Credit: Design Cafe

Wallpaper is the easiest and most affordable to install on your walls. You can get a wide range of wallpaper in both online and offline stores. Also, there is a wide range of 3D designs, which look highly realistic and add visual interest to your room.

Wallpaper enhances your interior’s aesthetics while going easy on your pocket. You can select wallpapers by matching them with your furniture pieces or any artwork.

Wall Design Ideas #4: Tile Cladding

Wall Design
Image Credit: Hanse Tiles

Tile cladding can work wonders in communal spaces like your living room. Create a vibrant and quirky backsplash by opting for coloured glass tiles or bright ceramic tiles. Wall designs that incorporate metal and faux ceiling tiles are also in vogue.

Wall Design Ideas #5: Exposed Natural Stone Cladding

Wall Design
Image Credit: Houzz

Among all the wall treatments, natural stone wall cladding is regarded as the most natural and fresh-looking cladding. It includes a layer of stones like granite, sandstone, and slate, thus giving a natural look. It can be installed easily over a concrete surface.

This type of wall is highly durable and lightweight, comprising a concrete base to facilitate easy instalment. Natural stone cladding is a perfect choice for creating a modern rustic look in your living room.

Wall Design Ideas #6: Marble Wall

Wall Design

As marble is known to transform any space into an embodiment of luxury, it is usually used in luxury homes, hotels, and commercial spaces. But you can also add the elegance of marble to your HBD living room by choosing it as wall cladding.

Apply it on one wall and add some lighting over it to glam up the whole room. Marble is a stone that is appreciated for its timeless beauty and ability to reflect light. It thus increases the value of the property due to its characteristic combination of beautiful, natural, and imperishable.

Wall Design Ideas #7: Brick Cladding

Wall Design
Image Credit: Decorill

Bricks are the oldest materials used in construction. Today, they are also used to  decorate interior spaces  as they have become the most common type of wall cladding material. Brick wall cladding is also available in a wide range of colours. A variety of brick types include white-stone, vintage, rustic, rosebud, and grey-wood.

With warm lighting, brick wall cladding creates quite a cosy ambience. Bricks have high fire resistance and act as an insulating layer to protect your walls from extreme heat and cold. While this is a relatively expensive investment, it does last for many years.

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7 Wall Design Ideas To Enhance Your Living Room

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