Best Locks for Doors in Your Home: 7 Different Types

Here are some of the most popular types of locks for doors and their uses you can refer in this article.
Locks For Doors

You can spend a lot of much time choosing the perfect locks for doors that accentuates your entryway and makes your home look bigger even when you’re just standing in front of it. However, it is easy to overlook the importance of door lock design and details. Door locks are essential for maintaining your place, whether at work, home security, safety or privacy. Therefore, choosing the best lock for your home or workplace is very important. Otherwise, you may suffer property damage or theft.

Remember that door locks are just as important as the type of door you choose. There are many types of door locks available in the local market, from simple to elegant which serves a specific function, depending on the level of security required for the space and base on your needs and features. Each Care must be taken when choosing the right door lock for each door in your home, not only for consistent design, but also for security and convenience.

So, if you’re wondering what is the best door lock for your door, whether it’s your front door, bedroom door, or bathroom door, here are some of the most popular types of locks for doors and their uses you can refer in this article.

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Best Locks for Doors #1. Padlock

Locks For Doors
Image Credit: Canva

Padlock is very popular and widely used in door lock category. It is available in a variety of sizes and the locks are usually square or rectangular with a U-shaped bar.

One end of the lock bar stays in the lock and the other end of the bar is free to position but moves up and down to lock and unlock the door lock.

There are two main types of these types of door locks, such as combination padlock and key padlock. For combination padlock, multiple dials can be set to open the door lock, eliminating the need to carry keys or locks. On the other hand, for key padlocks, there is a special lock key that can be used to open the door lock.

This padlock is the quickest and easiest lock variant of the range of door locks and is perfect for office doors, entry doors and closets.

Best Locks for Doors #2. Doorknob Locks

Locks For Doors
Image Credit: Wikipedia Common (User:w7Kyzmjt)

Doorknob locks are the most famous kind of door lock and it is usually utilized in residential building or apartment. Chances are, your door locks are also the doorknob locks and the benefit of using this lock is that you only required to take the key for the door lock while the lock is already attached inside the door.

It`s not unusual place in indoors areas like bedrooms and toilets however it isn’t best for outside doorways just like the front door and back door. The doorknob locks only serve a constrained potential for security due to the fact that you can break off the knots by using any heavy material, rod or hammer. So, you would possibly be updating it the lock or pair it with a deadbolt to bolster its protection if the lock to the front door is a doorknob lock.

When it involves convenience, doorknob locks are on top of the charts because it provides smooth transition between rooms inside the house due to the lock which is easy to lock and open. This is likewise what makes doorknob locks best for places of work with a lot of rooms in which people can circulate within rooms easily each now and then.

Typically, doorknob locks are rounded in layout and feature a silvery brightness of chrome and stainless steel. However, there is now a big inflow of various doorknob patterns and colours. You can choose a gold-coloured knob, wood knob, or an easy minimalistic style for the latest and modern door.

Best Locks for Doors #3. Deadbolts

Locks For Doors
Image Credit: The Spruce / Amelia Manley

Deadbolts are widely used in residential homes and they are considered the most secure type of door lock as it can only be opened with a key. The reason deadbolts are called “dead” because they do not have a spring-loaded mechanism that actuates the bolt which means you can’t move it.

This type of lock is typically used on exterior doors such as front doors, places where you store important things, and other rooms that need to be securely fastened. Some use double cylinder deadbolts for added security. However, you can also use a single-cylinder bolt in any room you see fit.

Best Locks for Doors #4. Lever Handle Door Lock

Locks For Doors
Image Credit: Aws Australia

Lever Handle Door Lock are very similar in function and convenience to doorknob locks. However, lever handle locks also have important differences that make them suitable door locks for certain types of doors and rooms.

These types of lever handle door locks are popular for home interior doors and are mainly used in commercial areas such as offices, shops and shop cabinets. When it comes to accessibility, compared to all other types of locks, lever handle locks work best because they are simply cylindrical, making it is easier to grip.

Lever handle locks also come in different designs. For instance, the shape of the lever can be changed freely into different forms, making it more stylish than the doorknob lock. Designs range from ornate traditional handles to latest contemporary handles.

This type of lock can be used to open and close the lock with a sizable push-down handle. However, the disadvantage is that it is not suitable for front gates and exterior doors, as well as for bathroom door locks and bedroom doors.

Best Locks for Doors #5. Mortise Locks

Locks For Doors
Image Credit: Heron2 / Wikipedia Common

Mortise locks are similar to lever handle locks, but they are way much older than cylindrical locks in origin. Apart from that, this type of lock can be found in old houses and buildings. If you’ve ever been to an old traditional house, you might notice that the door locks are of the mortise type.

Some traditional homes are now being upgraded with new fixtures, while others still use mortise locks. Mortise locks come as a series of accessories that must be attached to your door. One of its distinguishing features is the strength of its lock. It’s considered heavy-duty type of lock that is long-lasting and still can works properly even in centuries-old homes.

Best Locks for Doors #6. Smart Door Locks

A smart lock is a smart home device that functions when connected to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. To put it simply, you can easily open and close a door with a tap of a finger or a voice command. Another staggering feature of a smart lock includes remote controlling it via an app so you can operate it wherever you are at any time.

Of course, some concerns come along with using high-tech amenities like this one. But smart lock doors also provide a traditional key port so you can open your door even your Wi-Fi connectivity is malfunctioning.

Modern apartments, condo units, and contemporary landed homes are the common place that are now using smart locks. It offers a new and convenient smart home experience which a lot of people find efficient and helpful in their everyday lives.

Best Locks for Doors #7. Electronic Locks

Electronic locks are the traditional version of smart locks. They work like a smart lock, but with limited functionality or features. These smart locks are the latest technological revolution in door locks where they do not require any kind of key to lock or unlock the door. All you need to do to open the door is by input with PIN code, card and biometrics.

This type of lock is very popular in luxury apartments and apartments. Problem may arise if you forget your PIN when entering the room, or if you enter the wrong PIN too many times to open the door. Fortunately, it also comes with traditional keys like Smart Lock. As technology progressed, new features were added and electronic locks became more sophisticated, evolving into what we now call smart locks.


There are still many types of door locks that are not covered in this article. However, these types of door locks are the most popular ones we see frequently today. Whether in the commercial or private sector, these door lock types offer the highest quality in terms of security, efficiency and design.

Hence, if you’re thinking of upgrading your door locks to the next level in terms of convenience and security, check out the locks type as mentioned and use the suitable door lock for your home.

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