8 Ideas for an Inviting Outdoor Dining Area

With the warm weather comes the desire to unwind and enjoy outside. Check out these 8 ideas for an inviting outdoor dining area for some inspiration.
Wooden Table Spruced Up For A Formal Occasion

(Guest Writer: Lisa Roberts)

Once everything around starts to echo those sweet first days of spring, dining al fresco becomes a must on this season’s menu. Whether you’re planning a yard redesign or wish to integrate an outdoor dining area into your backyard as an update for your curb appeal, we’ve gathered eight inspiring ideas to whet your appetite.

Wooden Table Spruced Up For A Formal Occasion
An outdoor dining space.
Photo by Marc Babin from Unsplash

1. Surreal Garden Oasis

Contradict the fast-paced city living by creating a calm and pleasant sun-dappled garden oasis in the midst of it. Your new favourite hangout should bring you comfort, and a bespoke ambience that beckons you outside, so focus on florals and landscaping first before saturating it with décor and furniture pieces.

Embrace a nature-inspired flair of a hub nestled amongst an array of canopies, plenty of blooming bougainvillaea, tall outdoor plants, and lush potted greenery. The sturdy and durable concrete flooring should create a nice segue to a tucked-away table for six with chocolate brown seat cushions and an area rug underneath.

Furthermore, opt for antique accent lighting to warm up the space even further and a swing sofa or hammock to add to the dreamlike quality of your inviting outdoor dining area.

Outdoor Dining In Nature
Create your new favourite breakfast spot where you can relax and reconnect with nature.
Photo by Athena from Pexels

2. French Farmhouse Flair

The traditional elegance and natural flow of a Parisian-chic aesthetic incorporated into your backyard or patio form every man and woman’s sanctuary for relaxation, morning coffee sips, and romantic midsummer dinners.

Under a canopy of large trees, place an x-leg trestle dining table with a beautiful porcelain top, and compliment it with some 19th-century style rattan chairs to create a natural fit. Add French enamel pots of wild and free-flowing floral arrangements on the table surface for some extra style points. As for your flooring choice, gravel is a chic way of boosting that evening ambience of hot aromatic air and alfresco dinner parties.

To turn your outdoor dining area into the ultimate backyard heaven, seek expert assistance to mix things up a bit more with some patio pavers and landscaping.

3. Modish Backyard Dream

Besides aesthetic sense, expanding your living space outdoors necessitates groundwork and visualization. Thus, before getting your outdoor furnishing project underway, always first reflect on the location that will host your dining set. The poolside, for instance, makes an ideal spot for your inviting alfresco dining area.

Although investing in an in-ground swimming pool may run you a pretty penny, this backyard feature is a homeowner’s dream. Typically, water-resistant decking and nonslip tiles are the best flooring materials for the poolside area.

Still, you are free to reap the benefits of greenery by adding strips of grass for a pop of green to separate the dining area from the swimming pool.

Poolside Dining
Dining at the poolside will soon be your favourite thing to do.
Photo by Florian Schmidinger from Unsplash

4. Party-Prep

The set-up of your outdoor dining area should suit the activities taking place there. If you are planning on surprising your guests this year, take dining and celebration outdoors!

Carefully considering and allocating the height, shape, and size requirements of the space for your outdoor party hub will help you realize the full potential of the space and achieve general functionality.

Integrating an outdoor kitchen or building a BBQ bar will allow you to experience the charms of cooking outside. It is designed for formal luncheons or casual gatherings, but mainly for great times and entertainment.

5. A Resort-Like Feel

Stunning! Patio enclosures or pergolas can give an outdoor area all the bells and whistles needed for both an intimate, romantic, or party vibes. The possibilities are endless.

For a bohemian look that brings joy and buoyancy to your space, add a scattering of convivial hippy accents, such as whimsical tile patterns or an area rug. On the other hand, you can choose to keep the ambience classy by going for a white minimalist design and a neutral-coloured seating area with ivory, white, cream, or tan patterns.

You can also inject a hint of rustic with some rattan accents, classic wood decking, and a wooden dining set. Last but not least, the ambient lighting and bright white airy curtains go beyond aesthetics by adding to that intimate resort-like feel.

Pergola Decorated With String Lights And Curtains
Unwind in your backyard lounge under a magically decorated pergola.
Photo by Randy Fath from Unsplash

6. A Rustic Retreat

The combo of the natural, woodsy, remote vibes of this grove of trees, an enormous picnic table, and fairy lights is golden. Be it for a simple happy hour gathering, warm-weather brunches, or magical midsummer dinners, this farmhouse dining table is the main protagonist. Spruce it up with a sprawling centrepiece intermingled with gentle, flattering candlelight. It is simple, humble, budget-friendly, and magical!

Picnic Table Dressed In Formal Tableware
Enjoy the calm of your grove retreat.
Photo by Kyle Head from Unsplash

7. Soothing Zen-Inspired Rooftop Lounge

Make the best of the high vantage point of your house or a vacation home by converting it into a breezy Zen-style rooftop patio with an intimate seating area. Equip the space with a couple of sofas and throw pillows, several ottomans, and coffee tables.

Complement the choice of gentle beige upholstery with small trees and shrubs, and then add a touch of whimsy with some crisscrossed strings of bistro lights, lanterns, or mason jars with candlelight to boost the evening ambience. Still, the real showstopper of any rooftop patio is the view of beautiful green scenery.

Zen-Inspired Rooftop Design
Zhoosh up your rooftop deck.
Photo by Collov Home Design from Unsplash

However, a spacious backyard or a roof deck is not a must-have for designing an inviting outdoor dining area when your apartment balcony or a rooftop terrace can easily be turned into a cosy nesting spot.

Bring in some cleaning professionals to make your home sparkle, and, once the entire place is spotless, all you need is a bistro ensemble, a floor lamp, some flowers, fine food, and great company to enjoy the city view from this tiny and cosy extension of your home.

8. Neutrally Hued Getaway

Sophisticated greys, whites, and navy blues can accentuate an elegant dining area and provide your outdoor hub with continuity and cohesiveness. Floors play a vital part in shaping the mood of the environment, so try incorporating a white-washed wood-panelled deck. Instead of grass, add a gravel garden to keep things tonal.

Lastly, extend your time outdoors by bringing out a heat lamp, an abundance of lush plants, and comfy seat cushions for ultimate relaxation in your outdoor dining area design.

Photo by onekingslane

If your landed property has outdoor space, try taking on any of the above ideas to spruce it up. Which ideas caught your eye? Do you have other ways to decorate your outdoor space?

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8 Ideas For An Inviting Outdoor Dining Area

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