MBAS Set Up Manpowering Office To Assist SMEs Contractors

Manpowering Office

Due to the labour shortage faced by the built environment industry, especially SMEs, the Micro Builders Association, Singapore (MBAS) has announced setting up their Manpowering Office (MANO). This is to address the labour shortage situation strategically. 

The Minister-of-Stage for National Development, Mr. Tan Kiat How had, graced this decision after the Townhall Session held on 18th March 2022. Manpower shortage is one of the main challenges faced by the industry.

Purpose Of Setting Up Manpowering Office

Manpowering Office
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The purpose of MBAS to set up a manpowering office is looking at providing general workers recruitment services to their members who are smaller-scale contractors. They specialise in landed residential properties or smaller commercial projects. MBAS will be providing a more affordable rate compared to independent recruitment agencies. 

The Manpowering Office will be a one-stop service centre for their member. They will provide services such as administrative support in preparing the needed documentation and recruiting workers from India and Bangladesh. It will also facilitate the submission of entry permits to Ministry-of-Manpower.

About MBAS

Manpowering Office
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MBAS was formed by a group of like-minded Singapore contractors specialising in landed property building in 2012. Their objective is to address the interests and challenges faced by the built environment. 

Registrar of Societies (ROS) approved their application on 12 June 2013, making its official presence as a registered trade association. The association has grown and is one of the main organisations working with the relevant government bodies and fellow industry colleagues to push initiatives that further transform the SME contractor’s landscape. 

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