Decorating Your Kid’s Bedroom 7 Unexpected Tips And Tricks


Decorating a child’s bedroom has become an inevitable challenge for parents, especially as they need to consider the right colours for the room, pick furniture to refresh the space, and deal with their child’s quickly evolving tastes. To help, Builderstalk has rounded up some kid’s bedroom decorating tips to help you to make the perfect room for your children.

Kids Bedroom Decorating Tip #1: A Mix of Arts and Graphics

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Whether you choose wallpaper, decals or paints to add graphics to the bedroom, all of these are great ways to bring visual interest to your kids’ bedroom. Pop of colours can be reflected on bedding and soft furniture, helping to unify the bedroom spaces in a subtle and harmonious way. Graphics can add zest to a particular setting; depending on your chosen theme, they can also suit a variety of budgets.

Choose a cheerful theme and include some of your children’s favourite sports, fairytale or cartoon characters. However, do note that children grow up quickly, and so do their tastes. So opt for something that they won’t find embarrassing in a year or two.

Kids Bedroom Decorating Tip #2: Get Creative With Storage

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It’s always practical to have plenty of storage space in your child’s room. You can be creative with the kind of storage solutions you want to be installed in your child’s bedroom. Opt for functional choices such as a moveable storage cart or cabinet that blends with the room’s colour palette.

Colourful baskets and shelves are also common options to store toys and clothes. Go for a storage bed to tuck away linen and other odds-and-ends. This will take all the clutter out of your sight.

Kids Bedroom Decorating Tip #3: Colour It Up

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Choosing a lively colour scheme will give your child’s bedroom a warm, friendly, and youthful vibe. Decorate the bedroom with your child’s favourite colour, or choose any palette with two or three base colours or pastel tones. Use colourful comforters, curtains, rugs and wallpaper to brighten up a child’s room and give it a unique flavour. Be sure to balance out bold colours with soothing neutrals for a pleasing visual effect.

Kids Bedroom Decorating Tip #4: Carpet

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A carpet is another great way to bring more colour and warmth to a child’s room. Having a carpet next to your bed will give your child enough space to stretch, crawl, play with toys, and even draw. A removable floor carpet is recommended as it is easier to remove and clean.

If you have young children who are highly active, you can use double-sided tape to secure your carpet. Coordinate the carpet with other elements in the bedroom by getting one with fun patterns or cartoon characters, but make sure that the materials of your chosen carpet are easy to clean and wash.

Kids Bedroom Decorating Tip #5: Critical and Smart Shelving

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Installing an open shelf is a smart idea for storing small things in your children’s rooms. Not only do they keep stuff out of the reach of young children, but they can also help to display decorative items in children’s bedrooms. In addition, a key benefit of open shelving is that it takes up almost no space outside the floor. You can get creative with your open shelf by painting it with eye-catching colours to add interest to your children’s bedroom.

Kids Bedroom Decorating Tip #6: Work and Play zones

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To teach your kids to stay organized and creative, it is essential to add work and play zones in their bedrooms. For instance, set up an area with cupboards in a designated area and use it to do homework or create art or study. Try to place their study desk towards the back of the room or at the side as it helps children to limit distractions. It is recommended to choose neutral colours for this work zone, as such colours help children to focus better and refresh their memory during studying. For the play zones, designing with bright colours will provide more contrast and stand out visually.

Kids Bedroom Decorating Tip #7: Leave space for upgrades

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Decorating kids’ rooms are a challenge because children’s preferences change as they grow up, so parents will need to upgrade their bedroom frequently. Therefore, make sure that there is enough space to change the decor into an age-appropriate scheme if necessary. One way to accommodate upgrades easily is by choosing a neutral colour scheme. Decorate your children’s room with coloured wardrobes and removable artwork so that it will be easier for parents to modify a bedroom to meet their children’s changing tastes.

When designing a child’s room, parents must consider their preferences. Every child is unique in their own way, and it is thus recommended to combine their personality with their bedroom design. So encourage your kids to help with their bedroom renovation, as they will feel more connected to the room and also create a tighter bond with you in the process.

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