Working With Singapore Architect: 5 Essential Things To Know

Singapore Architect

Are you working with a Singapore architect or planning to work with one for your new home or renovation project? You need to take note of many things, or else things may go wrong.

Everyone has their dream home, and you would be living there for years. If you are looking for an architect for your house, you want to maintain a good relationship with them. There are many ways to prevent mistakes and manage risk before getting yourself into trouble.

Since there are many misconceptions about working with a Singapore architect, here are some things you should know when hiring a Singapore architect.

Is The Singapore Architect You Hired Really An Architect?

Singapore Architect
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Different from other design professionals, a Singapore architect need to register as an architect with the Board of Architect in their country. They will need a recognized architectural university degree, work in the industry for specific years, and pass a written exam and interview to register. They will need to continue professional development hours each year later on.

This is not made up by the industry and uses internally. It is a Code of Conduct and a certain requirement captured in the Government Act. This is because architects have a greater legal liability.

So when you are hiring a Singapore architect, make sure that they are a registered architect. Some people will say that they have a degree in architecture but are not registered.

When you are hiring an architect, make sure that they can perform. Some of them may not be able to design well, don’t take proper care of their clients, have a communication problems, or even don’t understand the construction well. So do some homework on it.

Singapore Architect May Not Know Your Project Cost

Singapore Architect
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There may be a misconception that Singapore architects will know how much your project will cost. This misconception will lead homeowners into trouble as they rely on the architect during the design phase. They only get to know that their home design has exceeded their budget when they go to tender.

Their feedback on the cost will only be worth it if they have done a lot of similar finished projects like yours, collecting regular data on the actual cost and keeping up to date with the info within the industry and costs.

The problem is that many Singapore architect in private practice doesn’t see through that many projects in a year. With the costs increasing now and then, it will be difficult for them to handle the cost of your project.

Suppose you want an accurate costing at the beginning. It is best to have a builder in your team. It will help your design to develop within your budget. Don’t leave your project cost to your architect.

Singapore Architect Should Priorities Your Needs and Wants

Singapore Architect
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You hire an architect because they can envision what you can have for your future home. They should be using their expertise, experience, and training in your project. So it should be fully maximized in your project.

Many architects design other’s homes without really listening to the clients. It seems like the clients will need to stand back and let them do their work. That’s how many architects built their reputation and portfolio of award-winning buildings.

But this isn’t a good relationship. If things aren’t going well, and your architect doesn’t listen to you, and you feel that you are being pushed away, you will want to speak up. Be frank with your architect.

Not All Singapore Architects Are Great Communicator

Singapore Architect
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Not all Singapore architects are good at communication, but they will need it when meeting with clients. Some of them couldn’t explain their ideas well to the clients or help their clients understand the process.

Some architects struggle to push back clients’ requests. But one of their jobs is to keep you on track. You will need to make countless decisions and steps to understand the client’s goals and vision.

The architect you choose will need to be a good communicator or at least have experience in helping clients navigate their projects. Or else it can be challenging for them to give recommendations. So make sure you can communicate well with your architect.

Establish Timelines With Your Singapore Architect

Singapore Architect
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One mistake you will want to avoid is not being told about your project’s timelines, scopes, or inclusions. You won’t be sure what is happening during the construction. Especially if you don’t hear from your architects for some time, you may find out that you have been charged for charges that you don’t know.

Before signing any contract with your Singapore architect, there is some info you will want to get from them. Such as the timeline, will you be meeting often, how many design reviews are included, etc.?

You will want to manage the risk from the beginning to avoid any conflict. Anything inside the legal agreement will be harder to deal with. Such as paying huge penalties if you don’t want to work with your architect anymore. You may need to pay extra fees for additional meetings or drawings, etc. So make sure you know what you agree with before signing the agreement.

You wouldn’t want to risk putting your dream house in someone that you don’t have confidence in. Maintaining a good relationship with your Singapore architect helps make the process go smoothly. So ensure the things you need to know while working with them.

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