Hire A Builder Like A Pro With 7 Quick Questions

Hire A Builder

Let’s say this is the first time you will hire a builder. Have you ever wondered what questions to ask a builder before you sign a contract? It is not an easy job to find one build that suits you.

Building a custom home is definitely excited, but what if you hire a builder that just doesn’t build a house that suits you. It is a huge commitment to sign a contract with a builder. It can affect you financially if you make the wrong decision.

If you have no idea what to ask a builder, you will learn what kind of questions to ask to hire a builder in this article. If they have nothing to hide from you, they will provide you with the answers you need. So before you hire a builder, prepare yourself will all these questions and interview a few before deciding on one.

Start With The Basic Question When You Are Consider To Hire A Builder

Hire A Builder
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If you are unsure where to hire a builder, there are many ways to find a builder. You can search through the internet, tour home shows, go through local real estate magazines, or even parade home events.

During the process of hiring a builder, ensure that the rapport you have with them is someone that you will be happy with during the whole home building process. You can start asking the builders some basic questions about their experience and credential, such as:

– Is their business registered?
– What licenses, accreditations, and professional affiliations do they have?
– Do they have liability insurance to protect your project and workers’ compensation insurance for their employees?

After you are satisfied with the answers to the basic questions, you can move on to further questions. Including these questions will give you a solid understanding of the builders you are interested in.

Further Question Before You Hire A Builder

Hire A Builder Tips1: Who Overseeing The Job Site?

Hire A Builder
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This is important when you want to hire a builder. The builder won’t always be at the site, so the site manager is a priority. You should see how they manage and communicate during the construction process. Besides that, see how they interact with you.

You may be wondering you are only deciding to hire a builder and why you should do this. This is because the site manager will be overseeing your construction work and should understand the project and make sure everything runs smoothly, effectively, and within your budget. Most important, it should be on time.

The site manager should be someone you can trust when there is an emergency. Take note of this when you are planning to hire a builder.

Hire A Builder Tips 2: What Type Of Warranty Do They Offer?

Hire A Builder
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When it comes to building a house, the main concern will be the safety of your home. So when you are deciding to hire a builder, make sure that you confirm the warranty period offered by your builder.

A longer warranty means that the builder you hired is willing to back its ability to construct a lasting home. Sometimes warranties can bring the homeowners peace of mind, but if it is not handled correctly, they can cause confusion or frustration.

You can check if there is any testimonial from their previous client on the warranty period, it will give you a clearer idea of what warranty the builder provides you and what it doesn’t.

Hire A Builder Tips 3: What Features Are Included In The Price?

Hire A Builder
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When it comes to the features that include in the price, make sure you check about them before you want to hire a builder. Usually, the features come in two formats, one including the base price of the house or a package where you can add on.

Most builders utilize both formats. They will have certain high-end features included in the base price, and you will have an option if you want to add on more luxury features. Depending on the builder, the features included maybe just some simple features that you don’t want.

When hiring a builder, you will want to pay attention to the features included in the price, such as plumbing for appliances, electricals, tiles, hardwood floors, cabinets, and countertops. Make sure you understand it and check if there is an upgrade option when you want to hire a builder.

Hire A Builder Tips 4: How Often Do They Finish The Project On Time

Hire A Builder
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It can be a great deal when you decide to hire a builder to build your home from scratch. But will they finish the project on time? As the homeowner, you will want to manage the sale of your existing home, if any, and set in a move-in date to handle the costs of the new house.

When you hire a builder, make sure you discuss the schedule for the construction of your home and how often they meet their deadline. But in between, try to be flexible as sometimes the schedule will be affected by weather, change of selection and construction, etc.

Try to get an estimation date from the builder and maybe a documented master schedule that supports their schedule. You will get a sense of how they run day-to-day.

Hire A Builder Tips 5: Are They Able To Provide Portfolio For Previous Work?

Hire A Builder

Like an employer is hiring, they will want to speak with the previous employers about the candidates. It is the same when you want to hire a builder. There is no exception. The best thing is to ask to see the builder’s previous work.

A quality builder will have a list of references for you to speak to, but they will likely be some happy customers. Besides asking about the portfolio, you can check with them about their experience working with the builder and if they finish within the budget and on time.

Another option is to check the builder’s reviews online. Such as google reviews; Facebook reviews will be an excellent place to start. When you want to hire a builder, look for one that can serve you with a long-term commitment.

Hire A Builder Tips 6: How Do I Select The Decorative Surfaces?

Hire A Builder
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It’s much easier if you buy a house that is fully build. When you want to build a semi-custom or custom home, there are many things you need to decide on, such as countertops, flooring, tiles, cabinets, and more. So when you want to hire a builder, you will need to understand the interior design process with each builder. Each builder has a different approach.

There are mainly three options. Either the builder has an in-house interior designer, or you hire an independent interior designer to coordinate the finishes. The builder may be able to refer you to someone they have worked with before. The other option is to find the suppliers and finishes on your own.

Before you hire a builder, just check with them about what option they can provide, and you can make the necessary arrangement.

Hire A Builder Tips 7: Did The Builder Show A Sincere Interest In Your Needs?

Hire A Builder
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Since you decide to hire a builder, you will need to get on with your builder. You should be able to trust them, and they should care about doing a good job, such as budget, quality of the work, and estimate the time needed.

The house is where you will stay, so you have to make sure that it’s well crafted and it is up to your standard. You will have to be comfortable talking to them about any issues you need to talk about.

Good builders should be passionate about the things they are doing. You will want someone that is working towards the same goal as you.

It isn’t easy when it comes to hiring a builder. The above questions is a guideline for you when you want to hire a builder. If there are other question you need to know, you can directly ask your builder before signing a contract. Choose wisely as you don’t want to regret staying in a home that you don’t like. 

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Hire A Builder Like A Pro With 7 Quick Questions

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