Got Pets? How To Make Your Landed Property Pet-Friendly


If you have a dog or cat, you will know that pets are more than just domesticated animals. Rather, our furry friends are considered members of the family. So, it is important to keep them in mind when building a new home. That means you have to keep your house as pet-friendly as possible.

When you’re planning a new home for you and your furry friends, consider everybody’s needs. How to make your landed property pet-friendly? Here are some tips that you can follow to protect your furry friend!

Ways To Make Property Pet-Friendly 1: Pet-Safe Flooring and Paint

Make Your Landed Property Pet-Friendly
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Suitable flooring is an important thing to pay attention to as your furry friends might get injured easily if they are playing or running with full speed to their food bowls.

Hence, you may need to prepare a budget for hardwood floors. Hardwood laminates and ceramic tiles are great pet-friendly alternatives with their low maintenance and scratch-resistant surfaces. Also, to ensure your walls remain clean, you may consider using paint that is easy to wipe after application and colours that won’t show any fur sticking to the walls.

Ways To Make Property Pet-Friendly 2: Mud-room For Your Pets

Make Your Landed Property Pet-Friendly
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A pet owner will always bring their furry pets for outdoor activities. Sometimes, our furry friends may bring in some dirt from the outdoors. Hence, dog owners may want to have an additional mudroom near the entrance to minimize outdoor dirt that messes up the house.

How does a mud-room work? You can have a room built at the side of the house and equip it with a pipe hose to clean your pets’ legs before entering the house.

A gentle reminder though; you may have to prepare enough space to store your pet accessories, including wet-wipes, treats, and toys.

Ways To Make Property Pet-Friendly 3: A Cozy Place to Sleep

Make Your Landed Property Pet-Friendly
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A special sleeping spot for furry friends helps them feel secure in a new environment. Pet owners should dedicate a cozy place for them to rest well. You can upgrade their bed by accessorizing with pillows and plush toys to make them feel comfortable.

Ways To Make Property Pet-Friendly 4: Use Blockades

Make Your Landed Property Pet-Friendly
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Some people might ask, “Why use blockades?” Blockades help to prevent your pets from getting trapped behind large appliances and then suffering from overheating. This is especially so for some small-sized breeds such as Teddy, Chihuahua, Maltese, Terrier, and Pomeranian.

So, to prevent such unfortunate incidents, you can set up blockades at washing machines, dryers, and refrigerators to keep your furry friends safe and stop them from squeezing in behind those appliances.

Ways To Make Property Pet-Friendly 5: Use Large Windows

Make Your Landed Property Pet-Friendly
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A large glass allows your furry friends to look outside and enjoy a nice view. Looking outside is one of their favourite activities and a good way for them to pass the time, especially during rainy days and hot weather where they can’t go outdoors to play. So, give them a viewing spot to enjoy the view outside from indoors.

Ways To Make Property Pet-Friendly 6: Design An Outdoor Area

Make Your Landed Property Pet-Friendly
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If you have a dog at home, you may have realised that dogs need access to outdoor areas to stay active. If you move to a landed house, create space in your yard to design an outdoor area for your dog.

The first thing you need to consider when designing this space is safety. You may need some pet-friendly gravel with rounded edges to prevent your dogs from injuring their paws on sharp gravel.

Secondly, keep the area free of toxins. You may use artificial grass instead of real plants as some plants are poisonous and can harm your pets. If you wish to use real plants, however, you need to do some research beforehand.

Check out this list of 10 common plants that will harm your pets

Ways To Make Property Pet-Friendly 7: A Saperate Room

Make Your Landed Property Pet-Friendly
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Why a separate room? A separate room can help assure safety between your pets and any guests you may have over. If your guest is allergic to fur or afraid of animals, you can let your pet stay in that separated room.

Also, if you have a cat, you may be aware that cats are easily wary or afraid of strangers. So when someone visits your house, you can also let your cat play in that separated room. This helps protect your cat from any harm outside the room.

You may build a separate room with large windows or glass walls so that you can easily trace your pets’ movements from outside the room. You can prepare some toys, food, and water for their needs whenever they are in there.

Ways To Make Property Pet-Friendly 8: Hide Your Wires

Make Your Landed Property Pet-Friendly
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Most pet owners may have experienced having their wires or cables chewed up by their pets. Other than making pet owners angry at this property damage, this is also dangerous to your pets as they may accidentally swallow some toxic components used to make wires and cables, such as rubber bits and lead filaments.

Therefore, you need to have some cabinets and drawers to store your wires and cables. For television cables, you can customize a TV console or cabinet which can hide them.


These are our pet-friendly tips for you to make your landed property accommodating for your pets. As our pets see their owners as their entire world, pet owners should be responsible for their well-being. So, we should take note of which areas of our home can be adjusted to pet-friendly.

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