Incorporate Kitchen Technology Into Your Kitchen With 7 Inspiration Ways

Kitchen Technology

Technology is just a fingertip away from us nowadays. Not only are our daily lives involved with technology, but kitchen technology is taking over the traditional kitchen style. You have never thought that kitchen technology would be brought into our lives, didn’t you?

A kitchen is no longer a place just for cooking. They have turned into a place for working, socializing, and entertainment. Incorporating your kitchen technology into your kitchen makes your kitchen smarter than before.

This article will talk about the kitchen technology that you can create a state-of-the-art kitchen and can’t stop bragging about it.

1. Kitchen Technology - Install Central Command

Kitchen Technology
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If you want your kitchen more accessible, why don’t you consider installing a central command system? You can try installing an automation system to control the heat, lights, and music streaming. Isn’t it easy to manage all the utilities from one place?

You may feel overwhelmed by the choices in the market as there are quite a few intelligent home systems to control different needs. If you are unsure what to do, write down what you need for your kitchen and discuss it with a professional installer. They may advise you on what kind of kitchen technology you need.

2. Kitchen Technology - Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen Technology
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If you enjoy cooking and preparing food for your family, having a high-tech kitchen appliance helps minimize the kitchen chores. It will enhance the joys of being in the kitchen. Here is a few kitchen technologies that you can put in your kitchen:

Microwave Ovens

The current high-tech microwave helps to replicate almost any cooking process in a much faster time. Use it for grilling and baking and serve up healthy meals in no time. 

Smart Refrigerators

If you think that refrigerators are just a place to keep your food cool and fresh, you may be wrong. Smart refrigerators help monitor and alert you about the expiry date, customize temperatures, and allow you to see inside your refrigerators from your smartphone. 

Smart Ovens

You won’t believe this kitchen technology. The latest smart ovens can sense the weight of a joint of meat, adjust the temperature accordingly, touchscreen doors and built-in cameras that allow you to check your dish without opening the door.

3. Kitchen Technology - Voice Controlled Home-Automation

Kitchen Technology
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Have you tried baking and had to stop in the middle of the process to check the conversion for the right measure? Although it is easy to just check, with the voice-controlled kitchen technology, you won’t have to stop in the middle of the process just to check things.

Voice-controlled products such as Amazon Echo and  Google home allow you to use voice commands to turn on and off or change the functions. 

You can sync the smart tech product with your home audio and security setting. There are different ranges when it comes to the price. It depends on your need to find the right fit for your home.

4. Kitchen Technology - Allocate A Charging Drawer

Kitchen Technology
Image Credit: Good Housekeeping

The kitchen has become a social hub nowadays, but it’s not the safest environment for our gadgets and is inconvenient when we want to charge our phones and check on our schedule at the same time. This is the most straightforward kitchen technology, and it works best to turn a drawer in your kitchen into a charging station. It is easy and efficient.

Many gadgets fit in the drawer and consist of a tray with recesses for each gadget. You won’t have to worry about ungainly ports and cables disturbing the kitchen aesthetic in this closed space. Besides being a charging station, it helps secure your gadget and keep it away from fire and spills.

5. Kitchen Technology - Clear The Air

Kitchen Technology
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With the smoke and odors, while cooking irritates you, extractor fans help to duct away cooking odors and grease. There is a wide variety when n it comes to cooking hobs. There is a large metallic chimney hood installed over the stove, while minimalist vents are hidden behind cabinet doors. If needed, the downdraft extractor is hidden in the worktop and pops.

As technology advances, manufacturers have developed systems to allow the hob to communicate with the extractor fan through wireless technology. The infrared sensors determine the temperature and tell the fan how vigorously to run.

6. Kitchen Technology - Fit A Waste Disposal Unit To Your Sink

Video Credit: InSinkErator

This kitchen technology has been around for many years. If you are unsure what to do with the food waste, this kitchen technology is incredibly efficient and environmentally friendly.

Put your food waste into the drain, press the switch, and it will be pulverized into tiny pieces in seconds. It will be sent off to the water processing plant. It is a good, green solution for using food waste as a fertilizer.

7. Kitchen Technology - Adding Pop-Up Socket On Your Countertop

Kitchen Technology
Image Credit: Pinterest

With so many varieties of kitchen appliances, we need more plug points. But to fit the socket on a backsplash, it may be expensive to cut a bespoke backsplash.

Pop-up plug point is getting more popular as it allows you to put them anywhere on the countertops, producing a more transparent face instead of cables going all over the place, putting a risk that you will trip over the cable.

With a few of these pop-up power points, you can simply put your sockets away and reclaim your walls when you are not using.

Isn’t kitchen technology nowadays so cool? With the help of kitchen technology, you will be able to use the kitchen more efficiently.

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